How do I take care of my skin and my hair

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How do I take care of my skin and my hair – ” Contents1 skin care2 hair careSkin careWho among us do not dream that you have a constantly fresh and shiny skin, as well as dream of long, loud and soft hair, it is not impossible to be attractive with the beauty of your skin, the shine of your hair and its brilliance, So go away from now to get your lady with a natural beauty, my dear eve, start now with us with the attention and total care with your skin and your hair, in an easy and chain way and within your reach, generally, the women of the society are A question, how can I take care of my skin? So we will put you in a picture close to know that your skin takes care of your skin, but! You need to know your skin type before you start, and we will facilitate the way in front of you to know and treat the skin types with us, to pray your skin type, treat it and maintain it regularly.Treating the skin according to its typeDry skin: this skin lacks fat, it is constantly dry, and a little grain and scars spread, and dry skin lacks flexibility, and it may be sensitive to sunlight, cold temperatures and wind, so you need to wash your face once with antiseptic cream and warm water, and to treat dry skin, we need to so: rinse your ski

2 hair care

n with lukewarm water, while staying away from the use of makeup that contains alcohol; Due to its damage to your skin, the use of an appropriate moisturizer for it.Oily skin: if your skin is full of blisters and blackheads, and it is always exposed to it, it is oily, because it is more susceptible than other types of skin, and to treat mental skin: you should wash your face with lukewarm water twice, In addition to the use of makeup without alcohol, and we recommend you use a light moisturizer daily, so that your skin does not become dry.Ordinary skin: The most important thing that distinguishes this skin is that it combines dry and oily. Continuously.Mixed skin: this skin is formed when using makeup with the presence of acne, two layers on the face are made up of dry and oily, and to treat mixed skin: keep your skin and take care of it by caution as we explained in the previous Types, and in case of increased acne, consult the doctor.Sensitive skin: this is an adjective that accompanies the above species, your skin can be any type and is sensitive, and are easily affected by external factors, such as the appearance of redness in your skin and the appearance of melasma, and for th

e treatment Of sensitive skin, we advise you to start staying away from irritable makeup that contains alcohol and look for skin creams for the skin that it contains: camphor, khuzami, rosemary, thyme and others.Useful tips for the skinIf you are exposed to the fiery sun, make a milk mask with aloe vera, it will relieve you from the effects of this sun.To get rid of accumulated oils paid to your face pores, wash it with a mixture of brown sugar, with a few drops of milk.Use lemon juice to reduce scars.Wash your face with soap to get rid of the dirt causing pimples and blackheads, but don’t be washed any more, and consult the doctor to find out the appropriate type of soap for your skin.Drink plenty of water to reduce the risk of dehydration.Vitamins help to improve the skin, such as: vitamin A, B, C, E).Treat your skin gently; to avoid scratching it.Protect the skin from sunlight, using protective creams and prefer moisturizing cream.Gently and lightly clean the skin; in order not to hurt.Sanding the skin and you should look for a suitable sanding for your skin.Follow a healthy diet for your life and stop smoking if you are carePoetry is one, no matter how different it

s types, size and intensity, there are all kinds, start with us to take care of your hair, with the following:Bathroom oilOnce your hair has lost its vitality and shine, you need an oil bath that benefits the scalp and helps hair growth, as long as you use the right way.How to make an oil bathWe divide the hair into four sections.We rub or scrub the scalp before the oil bath.We put the designated oil on the scalp and distribute it to reach the ends of the hair.We lightly light the scalp to connect the oil to the entire hair.After that, we cover the hair with a plastic cover and wait twenty minutes.Rinse the hair with warm water, then wash the appropriate shampoo for your hair.Use natural oils, including: castor oil, coconut oil, olive oil, aloe vera oil, sesame oil, avocado oil.Useful tips for hairYour hair may not benefit from an oil bath, or may not respond to it, and to solve this problem, the following should be taken into account:Heat the oil, but do not put it directly on the fire, but put it in a bowl inside a bowl full of boiling water.Clean your hair before applying the oil to it.Use your fingers by moistening them with oil, then rub the hair sprout.It is not necessary to

flood your hair with oil, but rather take care of the scalp by pouring a spoonful of oil in the middle and distribute it over the rest of the head.Massage the scalp for no more than ten minutes, or until you feel the heat of your scalp.Let the massage work its way from the neck and both sides of the top of the ears to the top of the skull.Use a plastic cover for your hair and put a towel moistened with warm water; to help clear the pores and get the oil into the roots.Leave the oil on your hair depending on how long you prefer or want it, then wash it out with the appropriate shampoo.Some types of oil bathsCorn oil bath: It is considered one of the nutrient oils for hair and treats dandruff.Oil with aloe vera: This recipe is one of the beneficial types of bulging and weak hair with the way you prepare it as follows: Bring a bowl with 3-4 tablespoons of coconut oil and add it to the trailer, after reaching the scratch The center of the cactus paper and put it on the fire for 3-5 minutes, then put it in a plastic bottle, to use the oil bath time.زيت بالحلبة: مكوّنات هذه الخلطة فنجانان من البن المطحون، فنجانان من الحلبة مطحونة ناعمة، زيت نارجين، وطريقة تحضيرها: اقدحي الزيت في قدر ثم ا

سكبي خليط الحلبة والبن على الزيت، ومجرد وضعتيه الزيت، النار مع تحريكك المستمر، وادهنيه مرة من كل ONE Week.Dry hair oil baths: the components of this mixture are a spoon of honey and an egg, two tablespoons of sesame oil. As for preparing it, we mix the ingredients and massage your scalp with the mixture, then wrap the hair with a hot towel For half an hour, and wash it after that.Benefits of oilsOils are useful for hair in general and of all kinds, and so get to know the oil with us and its benefits:Castor oil: Castor oil is used for eyelashes, increasing its density and is considered a strong nutrient for hair and works to prolong it.Watercress Oil: Nourishing dry hair.Almond oil: It gives a shiny shine after the bathroom, which is useful and nourishing also.Base oil: it is known for its length and nourishing also the hair.Coconut oil: its benefits for the hair are not counted and counted.Aloe vera oil: it prevents hair from splitting ends, and it enters many hair recipes for its benefits and nourishment, and its contribution to the softness of the hair.Dear Eve In this way and useful information, help you take care of your skin and hair, so start now and spread your smile with th

e beauty of your shiny hair and the softness of your attractive skin.Was the article useful?

How do I take care of my skin and my hair

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