How do I take care of my skin daily

1 The importance of daily skin care

How do I take care of my skin daily – ” Contents1 The importance of daily skin care2 Skin care and preservation methods3 Household masks for skin care4 Tahini Mask5 referencesThe importance of daily skin careThe subject of facial skin care is important to many, as it is one of the most vulnerable skin areas, as oils are frequently secreted due to the presence of sebaceous glands, especially in the front area, as well as around the eyes, nose and chin, so the skin must be kept as clean as possible, as it must be protected. From sunlight and other environmental factors that affect them negatively, and here we will learn the methods of skin care and maintain them with the most important recipes. [1]Skin care and preservation methodsFollow a healthy diet and lots of vegetables and fruits, as it nourishes the skin and makes it look beautiful and shiny and preserves its freshness. [2]Sleep for several hours is not less than eight hours a day, and it is to prevent dark circles around the eyes or get rid of them if they are. [2]Reduce diabetes to maintain the normal level of insulin in the blood, because many dietary sugars undergo damage to the skin and skin. [3]Clean the face with makeup remover after each time it is used an

2 Methods of skin care and preservation

d do not sleep without removing it. [1]Keep the face clean daily, such as when you wake up in the morning, face wash or soap consists of natural oils, and avoid using ordinary soap that contains chemicals that harm the skin and work to dry it. [2]Drink more water per day and the amount varies between 6 to 8 cups. Water is important to give the skin freshness. [2]Use creams to moisturize the skin and choose the right product for the type and nature of the skin. [2]Press the use of sunscreen to protect the skin from ultrasound rays. [2]A day put a night cream before going to bed because it reduces wrinkles and brown or dark spots on the skin. [2]Peel the skin with the products for that or replace it with natural recipes at home, to clean it and get rid of impurities and dust. [2]Get away from stress, because exposure to tension works to secrete hormones that make the skin greasy and tired, and for this, it is possible to do yoga exercises to relax and stay calm, and there are special exercises for facial and jaw muscles to overcome cases of stress. [4]Home for skin careMilk and yeast maskYeast is used for many things that benefit the skin, it contains vitamin B important for the fres

3 household masks for skin care

hness of the skin. It also contains vitamin B5, which reduces wrinkles and resists yeast, milk and rose water and is prepared by the following method: [5]Mix two tablespoons of yeast with two tablespoons of dried milk in a cup that contains rose water.The mixture is distributed on the face and left for half an hour, then washed with warm water, repeat this method once a month.Cucumber and yogurt mixtureCucumber has been used in home masks for a long time, as it is very effective because it reduces dark circles under the eyes, and it also reduces redness and burns to which the skin may be exposed. [6] Cucumber and yogurt The mixture can be made through the following: [2]It is sprayed by a cucumber fruit in a cup of yogurt and then distributed on the face and leave for fifteen minutes.Wash the face with cold water.StarchThis mask gives freshness and recovery of the skin and removes dark spots on the face, because it activates blood circulation in the skin, making it more beautiful and soft, and we need:[7]ingredients.One set of original rose water.A small cup of starch.Method:The starch is placed in a set of rose water.Please, the package is fine until the starch dissolves.Take a tab

4 tahini mask

lespoon of this mixture every morning, distribute the face and leave for 15 minutes, then wash the face with cold water.Oats and honey maskThis mask exfoliates the skin; As a skin peeling should be made once a week, to keep the skin clean and get rid of impurities, as well as get rid of dead skin cells, and to make the skin peeling mask, we need the following: [4]ingredients1 tablespoon of oatmeal.1 tablespoon of honey.Method:The ingredients are mixed and distributed to the face.Rub the face with a circular motion for ten minutes, then wash it off with water.Honey and cinnamon maskThis mask is used to give the skin the pink color and get rid of the grains, and it is used according to the following method:[8]ingredients.Four tablespoons of pure honey.One tablespoon of ground cinnamon.Method:Mix the cinnamon with well honey until the ingredients are homogeneous.The mixture is distributed on the face and neck and left for half an hour.The tahini maskThis mask gives skin radiance and smoothness, and is used according to the following method: [8]Take a tablespoon of Tahini and spread it all over the face.Leave the tahini on the face to dry, then gently massage the face and then wash it

off.Watermelon Banana MaskThis mask is used daily to whiten and moisturize the skin and make it clear and pure, as it is useful to remove dead skin cells, and we need in this mask to: [9]ingredientsCellular peel of bananas.A piece of watermelon pulp.Method:The white watermelon pulp is removed by the knife, then pulverized.The inner pulp is taken for the banana fruit and its grinder.The ingredients are mixed until a firm paste is obtained, then the paste is applied to the face and left for fifteen minutes.Wash the face with cold water.the reviewerWas the article useful?

How do I take care of my skin daily

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