How do I take care of my skin

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How do I take care of my skin – ” Contents1 skin care2 How can I take care of my skin3 natural skin care recipesSkin careThe skin is fresh, healthy and free of defects is one of the signs of beauty associated with women, so many of them prefer to maintain the smoothness of their skin, its beauty, and prevent its exposure to many problems that harm it, such as As continuous exposure to sunlight, wind and excessive use of creams that contain chemicals, however, many women are unaware of the proper ways to care for the skin, as they are their types and how to treat them, and in this article, we will present You to take care of the skin.How do I take care of my skinTypes of skin and how to take care of itDry skin: dry skin lacks fat, as little grain, scars and skin are not flexible and very sensitive to wind, sun and cold temperatures, the effect that requires washing them once a day with purified soap and warm water, then moisturizing with moisturizing cream and avoid the use of cosmetics, it contains alcohol because it is considered harmful to the skin.Oily skin: oily skin is more vulnerable to blackheads and blisters compared to other skin types, so its ability to attract dirt and dust, and damaged skin residue an

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d dry, increases, so it is best to wash the face twice a day with lukewarm water and soaps that have been assigned to it, and the use of alcohol-free cosmetics and the use of a light moisturizer every day to prevent dehydration.Ordinary skin: this skin is oily in the nose area, tight and dry on the cheeks, then it turns with the seasons of the year, so it becomes in winter dry, and in summer sebum, it should be washed daily with water and detergents equipped it and keep their moisture by using moisturizers continuously.Combination skin: this skin produces the appearance of acne and the use of makeup at the same time, so it consists of two layers, one is dry and the other is applied, so it requires attention as it should, and consult a doctor if necessary.Sensitive skin: this skin is greatly affected by the sun, and the wind causes redness of the skin, and sometimes the appearance of melasma on it, so it requires the use of sedative and gentle creams and avoid the use of makeup prepared for skin rich in alcohol.Tips for caring for all skin typesAvoid continuous exposure to harmful sunlight, especially at peak hours in summer, and use protective creams to protect the skin from damage

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of its rays.Clean the face calmly and gently, avoid cleaning it violently or harshly to prevent it from being scratched or causing harm.Skin sanding, choosing the right type for it.Commitment to a balanced and healthy diet, such as vegetables and fruits.Stay away from smoking and avoid it as much as possible.Drink enough water every day; to avoid dehydration.Take nutritional supplements, such as vitamins like A, C, B, E.Periodically clean the skin from makeup and do not leave it for long hours.Wash the face regularly and use the appropriate soap for the skin type.Natural recipes for skin careReduce the effects of the sun: mix equal amounts of aloe vera and pureed milk, then apply it to the skin, let it dry, then wash it with cold water.Get rid of accumulated oils: mix a sufficient amount of brown sugar with five drops of milk, then apply it to the face and leave it for a while, then wash it off.To get rid of blackheads: mix half a tablespoon of baking soda with a few drops of water, then gently rub the skin, leave it for three minutes, then wash it off.Reduce infections: Mix half a tablespoon of honey with another curd, then apply it to the face, leave it for fifteen minutes, then

wash it with cold water.Skin cleansing: Mix half a tablespoon of sugar with another oil, then apply to the skin, leave for three minutes, then wash it with water.Was the article useful?

How do I take care of my skin

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