How do I take care of myself

1 allocate time to rest

How do I take care of myself – ” Contents1 Allow time to rest2 Read imaginary things3 Preserve a sense of humor4 Spend time with friends5 other career tips6 referencesPersonalize time to restThe focus on work all the time is one of the factors leading to self-neglect; Therefore, it is advisable to allocate certain periods of time to get away from work, and exploit them to family or self, and these periods can have eight in the morning, and during the dinner period from five to eight in the evening, and can be changed according to the nature of the life of each person. [1]Reading fictional thingsA break from work can be taken in the post -back to read fictional books; It stimulates the right side of the mind, strengthens creative thinking, and it is indicated that this junction makes today more smooth and flexible, which contributes to the ability to solve problems in different ways and renew psychological psychological feelings. [1]Preserving a sense of humorLight is a major role in reducing tension, because the ability to laugh even in difficult moods would reduce the pressures of life and reduce the hormone responsible for tension, and it is indicated that laughter is not limited to laughing at oneself a favor

2 Read the imaginary things

ite comedy. [ 2]Spending time with friendsGoing out with friends, family or people outside the field of work to restore the person to the state of health; They help to provide the emotional needs of a person through them to understand him and their interest in him, as this can carry a burden and meet his other personal needs. [2]Other self-care tipsAnother way to self-square: eat healthy food, give the body enough comfort by sleeping, practice academic dates, stay away from drugs and alcohol and pay attention to personal hygiene; It reduces the risk of disease and strengthens self-confidence, and relaxation can be carried out by meditation, yoga, massage, shower or walking in the Great Plains. [3]the reviewerWas the article useful?

3 Preserving the sense of humor

4 spend time with friends

How do I take care of myself

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