How do I take care of the appearance of my hands and nails

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How do I take care of the appearance of my hands and nails – “Contents1 Nail care2 Hands Care3 referencesManicureMaintaining hygieneThe girl should be willing to do the following to keep her nails safe and clean: [1]Do not expose the nails to large amounts of water; To prevent it from breaking.Dry the nails well to prevent the growth of bacteria under the nails.Cutting the nailsDr. Champan advises women to cut the nails and not to lengthen them, especially in the case of brittle and broken nails, and women should feel like not lengthening the nails, shorten them and cool them in a circular manner; In order to facilitate all the things that can hinder the nail and get more beautiful nails, [2], it should be noted here that the need to use severe nail scissors when cutting the nails and cool them directly as soon as the cut is finished . [1]Do not put the nail polish muchAll women and girls should be eager to give her nails a break from putting on nail polish. For example, the girl can remove the nails of her nails on the weekend or during the week without putting another coating, because the nail polish placing a lot cause her dryness and turn it into yellow color, and over time, the structure of the nails will weaken. [2]CuffsWomen can do se

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veral things to take care of his hands, including the following: [3]Wash hands with warm water, as cold and hot water damaged the skin.Wear gloves before exposing the hands to a lot of chemicals, water, while working in the garden and when exposed to cold in winter.Massage the hands starting from the greasy part of the hand near the base of the thumb, moving to all fingers.Use sunscreen before sun exposure to protect hands from pigmentation, brown spots and wrinkles.Peel hands at least once a week to remove dead skin, and the hand can be scrubbed and peeled at home by rubbing the hand with a mixture of one tablespoon of olive oil, sugar and lemon juice.Hydrating Hands at least three to four times a day using the best types of moisturizers, [3] with the need to pay attention to the moisturizer also reaching the nails. [1]the reviewerWas the article useful?

How do I take care of the appearance of my hands and nails

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