How do I treat my skin from the effects of pills

1 effects of grains

How do I treat my skin from the effects of pills – ” Contents1 effects of grains2 methods and treatments to get rid of grain effects3 natural mixtures to eliminate the effects of grains4 referencesThe effects of pimplesThe effects of pimples or scars occur due to the impact of the skin caused by acne, injuries or burns, and sometimes they can be caused by stretch marks. There are many treatments used for this, including cosmetic treatments such as creams, but they are expensive, and their results are not guaranteed and may require a lot of time to get the result. On the other hand, there are many home remedies for scars, dark spots and other blemishes that affect the skin. [1]Ways and treatments to get rid of the effects of pillsThese methods include the following treatments: [2]Laser therapy.Injection filling.Covering the effects of grains with silicon.Medical creams that are under the supervision of a doctor, including:Cortisone creams.Creams that contain cogkic acid, ingene, licorice extract, berry extract and vitamin C.Creams that contain glycolic acid or salicylic acid.Chemical peels.Natural mixtures to eliminate the effects of pillsBaking sodaBaking soda is one of the natural methods used to exfoliate the skin, eliminating th

2 methods and treatments to get rid of the effects of grains

e effects of pimples. And its method is:[1]ingredients:5 parts baking soda.Part to prepare:Mix the two components together and move well until a paste forms.Put the paste on the area and leave for a minute.The putty is rinsed off with warm water.This method is repeated two or three times a week.=== Cocoa butter ===. Cocoa butter can be used to treat cereal scars; As it is considered one of the best natural moisturizers for the skin, it increases its smoothness and eliminates all cereal scars, when it continues to use them regularly. [1]Olive OilAn excellent virgin olive oil is useful for eliminating the effects of acne scars; As it works to rid the skin of dead cells, such that it renews it and reduces the scars on it, in addition to that, it increases the softness of the skin, and its method is: [1]Ingredients: a small amount of olive oil.How to prepare:Massage the scars every day with an appropriate amount of olive oil.The oil is left on the affected areas overnight.The skin is washed off in the morning with water.Aloe veraThe aloe vera plant is one of the most effective natural ingredients that can be used to get rid of acne scars; As it reduces the inflammation of the

3 Natural mixtures to remove the effects of grains

leather, increases the flexibility of the tissue that contains scars specifically, and this may be due to the fact that they have rich moisturizing properties. [1]LemonLemon is a natural whitener and helps to lighten any type of scars in the skin, as it removes dead skin cells, improves the growth of new skin cells and also improves the elasticity of the skin, as it contains vitamin C, which helps to rebuild collagen. And its method is: [3]Ingredients: lemon juice.How to prepare:A little fresh lemon juice is placed directly on the scars with your fingers or cotton ball.Leave for 10 minutes.The skin is washed with water.This method is repeated once or twice during the day.Another way: mix equal amounts of lemon juice and honey, and a cotton ball is used to apply the mixture on the affected area, then leave it for 10 to 15 minutes, then wash the skin with water and dry gently, and this The method is repeated once a day.Third method: Mix a teaspoon of lemon juice with a teaspoon of vitamin E oil, and the mixture is placed on acne scars at night, washed the next morning, and this method is repeated once a day.Warning: it is advised not to go out in the sun after applying lemon juice o

n the skin.Coconut oilCoconut oil is a rich source of vitamin E and fatty acids, which help to repair skin tissue, and keep it healthy, and it is effective in getting rid of scars and other signs, and in addition, coconut oil is a good moisturizer for the skin. And its method is: [3]Ingredients: coconut oil.How to prepare:A little warm coconut oil is placed directly on the scars.Rub the scars for 5 to 10 minutes.Leave the scars for at least an hour, then rinse with warm water.Another method: Mix the drops of lavender oil, with a tablespoon of coconut oil, put the mixture on the scars, massage gently for a few minutes, then leave it for 20 to 30 minutes, rinse completely with warm water.Either method is repeated once or twice a day for several weeks.Vitamin E oilVitamin E oil is an anti-oxidant, so it helps to get rid of scars, maintains the moisture of the skin, helps repair damaged tissue and evens out the skin tone to reduce the appearance of scars. And its method is: [3]Ingredients: one vitamin E capsule.How to prepare:The vitamin E capsule pierces and extracts its oil.The oil is placed directly on the scars 2 or 3 times a day.Another way: the capsule of vitamin E mixed, with a

teaspoon of castor oil, put the mixture on the scars before going to bed, leave it overnight, rinse the next morning with warm water. The method is repeated daily until the scars cider vinegarApple cider vinegar contains anti-inflammatory properties, which reduces inflammation and redness of acne scars, and its method is:[4]ingredients:1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar.Two tablespoons of honey.A little to prepare:The vinegar and honey are placed in a bowl.Add a little water to the mixture and mix the ingredients well.A piece of absorbent cotton is dipped in the mixture and then placed on the affected area.Leave the mixture on the skin for 10 to 20 minutes.The skin is washed with water.The recipe is repeated daily or day after day.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

How do I treat my skin from the effects of pills

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