How do I use body lotion

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How do I use body lotion – ” Contents1 Care Auto-Care2 Body lotion3 How to use the lotion4 referencesSelf-careThe woman aspires at all stages of her life to get an ideal skin, skin and hair, and she strives to preserve the skin like children’s skin without blemishes and soft, like silk, with a good smell, fresh and moist, and from The cosmetic products that help to get everything a woman needs from the moisture of the body, which is called the Osteo, by the major international companies and has a privilege in beauty, and is used in a very simple and easy way. [1]Body lotionThe body lotion is a cream with an effective fatty composition that contains the nutritious vitamins that the body needs to restore the balance, and one of the best lashes is that containing shea butter, cocoa, almond oil and its djinn in its basic components, because of Its excellent long-term effect on the non-private long-term therapeutic in these materials, and we find many types of lotions in stores and pharmacies at varying prices, but try as much as possible to stay away from commercial types that are not beneficial and, therefore, you get a tiring and exhausting skin and have nothing to do to make your skin for the best result with

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the right way, and here we will learn how to apply lotion. [2]How to use the lotionInitially, the body should be very clean and wet, and one of the best times to put the lotion is immediately after the shower, because the body is in a state of opening pores and comfort, and when the place of the lotion penetrates faster and better than any other time, and after finishing the shower, dry your body in a way that it does not rub, then put a large amount of lotion in the palm of your hand and distribute it to the whole body without exception with massage comfortably until the body is absorbed, then wrap yourself with a towel for five minutes, and you will notice the difference, then put on the body spray and wear your clothes with comfort. [3]There are some types of modern lotion that are placed during the shower, and these lotions should rinse the body with a little water after rubbing it on the body and massage is the same as the previous way, and this type of lotion is used for People who prefer a natural skin texture that has no percentage of grease or excess moisture for what is related to children’s lotion and their oils and their use by adults, it gives incredible and wonderful

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results when used daily and repeated after bathing, because they contain natural materials away from all chemical compounds. [4]the reviewerWas the article useful?

How do I use body lotion

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