How do I use lemon for the skin

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How do I use lemon for the skin – ” Contents1 lemon2 Benefits of lemon for the skin3 How to use lemon for the skin4 referencesLemonLemon is one of the seasonal fruits rich in valuable elements of minerals and vitamins that the stomach needs continuously, and lemon is used in many regions, and from them, it is used as a cold drink to relieve the summer freedom and a treatment of diseases and viruses, and as a hot drink in winter to protect against infectious diseases and increase the immunity of the body, however, it is one of the best sinks used in food to get the distinctive taste, but what we can get from the lemon for The skin is how it is used and its benefits for it. [1]Benefits of lemon for the skinLemon has many benefits, and these benefits are:[2]A strong moisturizer for the body.Rid the body of toxins and rotten blood that reflects in the health and safety of the skin, especially an area around the eyes.Renewal of skin cells and get rid of dead skin, which increases the risk of skin infection and yellowing.Increased skin secretion of collagen responsible for stimulating cells to work to eliminate the white lines that appear around the eyes and mouth.Reduce the appearance of wrinkles at the age of a mico.Re

2 benefits of lemon for the skin

constituted the skin.Standardize the color of the skin in general.Whitening of the skin.Increasing freshness, health, brightness and vitality, due to the group of great vitamins it contains, the most important of which is vitamin C.Clean and sterilize the skin from bacteria.Keep the skin from infection by acne.How to use lemon for the skinLemon is used in several ways, and these methods are: [3]Natural lemon juice diluted with water is used to revive, moisturize the skin and restore vitality to it, by applying a small mixture on a cotton ball, then running it over the skin more than once during the day, and then rinsing the skin with cold water.Use grated lemon peel that is added to natural honey to exfoliate the skin, remove dead skin cells and massage the skin, to get the perfect freshness, vitality and softness.Prepare a daily lotion for the skin early in the morning, consisting of an equal amount of lemon juice and water with half the amount of aloe vera and honey, and the ingredients are mixed together until smooth, then wash the skin and then rinse with cold water and dry it well.Put the cold natural lemon juice on a clean single cotton pad, then put it in the form of tablets

3 How to use lemon for the skin

on the skin for ten minutes, then rinse the skin with cold water and dry it well.Put an equal amount of natural lemon juice with glycerin oil in a closed bottle, then pack is well done until the atoms mix, then use the mixture daily, then leave on the skin for twenty minutes, then gently rinse the face With warm water, then cold then dry the skin is well.Lemon contains minerals and vitamins that make you enjoy the skin and pimples and pimples wonderful and fresh and grease-free, and when adding oils or substances used for the skin gives the wonderful results of the strength of lemon and its heaps with most materials .the reviewerWas the article useful?

How do I use lemon for the skin

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