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How do I use Lushin – ” Contents1 lotion2 uses of Lushin3 Lanuline Lotion4 Aloe Vera LotionLuxuriantLushin is one of the means or substances used in the massage of the skin, maintaining its hydration and protecting it from dryness and cracking, because of the color of the lotion containing many oils that increase the moisture of the skin and make it a smooth and soft texture In addition to the fragrant smell that the lotion gives the body, and the texture of the lotion is less a thickness of the cream because it does not leave any effect on the body after its use, and the lotion is used by distributing it on The wet skin after the bath, because the soap that is used on the body during the bath works to dry the skin and steal moisture, because the skin absorbs the cream very quickly, and the body lotion should be used daily Summer, because high temperatures lead to drying and cracking of the skin, so it must be moistened and the use of the lotion is preferred at night and before bedtime, where the skin is thoroughly massaged with a neck, neck, hands and feet to get the required moisture.Lushin usesAfter peeling the skin and removing the dead skin, it is best to use the lotion immediately after the peelin

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g process to properly nourish the skin and skin layers, to avoid pigmentation and change in the complexion caused by dryness and lack of skin Care and health, and until the best results are achieved, it is best to use the lotion in the morning but the work of a warm bath, because the pores of the skin are open due to the warm water, which makes the skin absorb the lotion quickly to get rid of the irritation and redness of the skin in the evening before bedtime.And when using the softness of the hair and other ways to also get rid of excess hair, the skin becomes dry and red, so it is better to use the lotion on the skin directly after removing the hair to get the required softness and glow of the skin.There are several and many types of skin lotion that are available in different colors and smells that suit the skin type, in addition to the ability to make lotion at home through the use of natural ingredients, low price and strong effect. Next, we offer a selection of different types of lotion that you can prepare at home.Lanulin Lotionthe ingredientsHalf a cup of lanolin.Half a cup of olive oil.Two drops of lavender or jasmine oil.A quarter of a cup of boiling to prepare

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All the previous ingredients are mixed in the blender until a cream is obtained, then placed later when it is finished in a sterile glass bowl, where it is kept until the one.Aloe verathe ingredientsOne cup of aloe vera gel.Two hundred and fifty grams of beeswax.Three quarters of a cup of almond oil.One teaspoon of rose oil.One tablespoon of vitamin ha.Spoonful of lanolin.One third of a cup of coconut to prepareAll the ingredients are placed in the blender with the exception of coconut oil, beeswax and almond oil, where we put beeswax in the microwave for half a minute, then put the fire with coconut oil and almond oil until it dissolves, then put it in the in the Blender with the rest of the ingredients and keep the lotion in a glass bowl when he finished preparing it.Was the article useful?

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How do I use Lushin

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