How do I use Moroccan soap

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How do I use Moroccan soap – “Contents1 Moroccan soap2 How to use Moroccan soapMoroccan soapMoroccan soap is a 100% natural product, used to clean and care for the body, and is a product with effective and impressive results that accumulate to the body with softness and light color, and eliminate dead cells. It also gives the skin a deep hydration and unlimited softness, as it helps to eliminate blackheads, and protects the skin from cracks and pigmentation, as it fights wrinkles.These results are due to the high percentage of vitamin E in Moroccan soap, as well as vitamin D, because the main ingredient is olive oil, and all that olive oil used in Moroccan soap is better, the results of the soap more effective and We will learn to know this article on how to use Moroccan soap, to get the greatest possible benefit.How to use Moroccan soapThere are certain steps that should be followed when using Moroccan soap to clean and care for the body, as follows:Clean the tub using dettol, water and soap to make sure it is completely clean.Close the basin and make sure to close it tightly, and close all air ports in the bathroom.Turn on the water faucet to hot water, with the bathroom door completely closed, until the bat

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hroom is filled with steam.Put Moroccan soaps all over your body and stand near the hot water steam.Turn off the hot water and turn on the cold water until the water is warm and becomes hot.Relax with water for as long as you can tolerate, so that your body gets rid of the dead skin layer, which helps to peel, grip and soften it.Use the Moroccan fiber to scrub your body well, rub your body with a circular motion and try to press your body to get rid of all the dead cells and scrub your face well with your fingers.Take a regular shower after you finish scrubbing, wash your hair well with shampoo and use a hair cream or oil bath.Rub your feet with a good stone to get rid of the scale and wash them well.Apply a moisturizer all over your body, preferably using olive oil instead of moisturizer.Components of Moroccan soapMoroccan soap can be made easily at home, using the following ingredients:Two cups of pulverized original bay soap.One cup of natural olive oil.One cup of original rose water.One cup of natural bitter almond oil.One cup of pure water.the way to prepareWe put all the ingredients in the electric blender and stir the blender until the ingredients are well mixed, and we get

a mixture of dark colors, then keep a clean package at a small temperature until use, and it can be saved inside or outside The refrigerator, but it is important that it is not exposed to high temperature, even maintains your cohesion and does not dissolve completely.Was the article useful?

How do I use Moroccan soap

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