How do I work for the body

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How do I work for the body – ” Contents1 body peel2 natural body scrubs3 steps of skin exfoliationExfoliationBody care requires a complete exfoliation of the body every two or three months; Because it has a role in getting rid of the dead cells accumulated on the skin and to get rid of the dark spots that can distort the view of the body. Below are detailed steps for body exfoliation and some recipes that can be prepared at home.Natural Body ScrubsBanana and sugar scrubingredients:A mature banana peel of color.Three tablespoons of sugar granules.One quarter tablespoon of vanilla.How to prepare and use:Mix the ingredients together until they become a sticky material.Prepare your body with the mixture, but do not add sugar if the mixture is going to peel the face; The face is more sensitive than the body.Rinse your body with warm water, then moisturize it.Church ScrubIngredients:One cup of chickpeas.Half a cup of yogurt.Half a teaspoon of turmeric.Points of lemon oil.How to prepare and use:Mix yogurt with turmeric, lemon oil and chickpeas until the mixture becomes firm.Put the mixture on your body until it dries, then rub it gently until the mixture is removed.Skin peeling stepsPrepare the bathroom to be suitabl

2 natural scrubs for the body

e for exfoliation, closing the air ports, filling the bathtub with very hot water, then remove your clothes until your body is exposed to the steam and the skin pores are working, and it is best To cover your hair with a plastic bag so that the steam does not harm it.Soak the fiber in a little hot water, remove the makeup from your face, then wash it with a mild cleanser and wait ten minutes.Lay in the tub for ten minutes and try to relax as much as possible.Start from your feet and work your way up, applying the scrub to your skin, then rub it in and out with your fingers in circular motions.Concentrate on the darker and rougher areas of the body, until you pray in the exfoliation on your face, and so the body has become covered with peeling.Rub your body with circular motions using a coarse fiber, to stimulate blood circulation in the body.Simply wash your body with water.Rub your skin again with a fiber from top to bottom.Wash your skin with lukewarm water, then rub your body with a shower liquid, that is without using the loophole.Dry your whole body with the towel kindly, not rubbing; Because the skin will be sensitive at the time.Leave your body a little wet, so do not dry it

3 skin exfoliation steps

completely and sprinkle it with a bottle of toner about twenty centimeters, afterwards.Put on the bathroom hose for thirty minutes, then relax in bed a little to absorb the toner body.Grease the moisturizer on your face, heels and elbows.Be sure to wear cotton clothes so that the skin does not irritate it.Was the item useful?

How do I work for the body

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