How do we maintain the freshness of the face

1 freshness of the skin

How do we maintain the freshness of the face – “Contents1 Freshness of the skin2 Factors affecting facial freshness3 Tips for maintaining facial freshness4 The freshness of the face5 referencesFreshness of the skinAll women, no doubt, want to get fresh and pure skin and problems; Because the skin is the mirror of the woman, the freshness and gravity of the skin give her a sense of psychological comfort and self-confidence, but when the skin loses its vitality and freshness for some reasons, the woman suffers from tension and anxiety, and strives to restore this freshness.Factors affecting facial freshnessThere are many internal and external factors that affect the freshness and vitality of the skin, so these factors should be known to avoid it and get away from them to keep the skin fresh for the longest period, and the following is a detailed explanation of The most important external and internal factors that affect the freshness of the skin:[1]Lack of interest in the skin, poor attention to the skin or lack of interest in it can be one of the important factors that negatively affect its freshness, and the lack of interest in it is by its lack of cleaning that leads to the appearance of pimples, or the use of inappropriate pr

2 The factors affecting the freshness of the face

oducts for them and can cause damage.The great exposure to harmful sunlight, which can affect the structure of the skin and collagen and elastin, which contribute to its freshness and maintenance.Exposure to severe weather conditions, such as: high or low heat, wind, rain or sudden changes in temperature, which cause the skin to dry out.The work environment can significantly affect the freshness of the skin, such as: present in a very humid place, a place to enter the dust or a bad conditioning of the place.Psychological stress, such as exposure to psychological stress or tension negatively affects the skin, as these stresses can be a factor in the formation of lines around the eyes or mouth.Hormonal changes greatly affect the freshness of the skin, such as high hormones in teenagers, hormones that are present during pregnancy, menstruation and menopause.Smoking and its effects directly related to the skin, as it leads to premature aging and the appearance of wrinkles in the face.Lack of drinking water. Water makes up about seventy percent of human skin, and depriving the body of it on a daily basis negatively affects the skin and leads to dry skin.Excessive consumption of alcohol,

3 tips to maintain the freshness of the face

which leads to the destruction and dryness of the skin.Lack of exercise, which can affect the skin in the opposite way, it must be practiced regularly, because sports stimulate blood circulation in the body and increase oxygen in the skin.Poor nutrition, healthy skin is the sign of healthy diet and lack of attention to the quality of food consumed during the day, especially from which it contains many substances rich in fats and sugars negatively affects the freshness of the freshness of the skin.Tips for maintaining the freshness of the facePay attention to the hygiene of the skinThe skin should always be cleaned from the effects of cosmetics to allow the skin to breathe, and not cleaning the pores of the facial skin leads to the appearance of pimples and its inflammation, and it can cause sensitivity to the skin of the face, and Not cleaning the skin well from the effects of makeup leads to the skin without freshness and beauty, and the skin can be cleaned with soap and water, and then wipe it with a little rose water that gives the skin an attractive appearance. [2]MoisturizerIt is recommended to use at night and make moisturizing creams from natural materials to maintain the v

4 freshness of the face

itality of the skin and add freshness to it, and moisturizing the well of the skin helps to delay the appearance of wrinkles, and helps to maintain the natural moisture of the skin, and Thus, the skin looks bright and fresh, and the skin should be cleaned well before using moisturizers. [2]Keep away from smokingThe nicotine in smoke breaks the collagen in the skin responsible for the freshness and smoothness of the skin, in addition to this smoking causes the appearance of dark circles around the eyes and mouth, and the possibility of lung and lip cancer. [2]Approval of a healthy dietAdopting an unhealthy diet that does not contain the necessary elements of the body negatively affects the skin, and eating foods that contain a high percentage of fat lead to the difficulty of digestion and increased secretion of fat, which causes the appearance of scar and pimples In the skin, and the cruel diet deprives the body of vitamins and minerals needed to maintain the skin, we should always take care to eat vegetables and fruits that contain the natural nutrients of the skin. [3]Drink enough waterAt least eight cups of water should be consumed daily; This is because water keeps the skin fres

h and vital, helps rid the body of toxins and prevents skin wrinkles. [4]No exposure to the sunExposure to direct sunlight harms the skin cells, and works on the appearance of melasma and pigmentation, and before leaving home, sunscreen that the degree of prevention is high. [2]Do a sport for the facial musclesThere are special facial muscle exercises that keep the skin fresh, vitality and prevent wrinkles, and the permanent smile that gives the skin radiance and glow should be maintained. [3]Facial freshnessMost women are interested in the serenity and freshness of the facial skin, which is a mirror of good health, and the woman should maintain the health of her skin and not be exposed to the sun that causes melasma and pigmentation, and pay attention to moisturize the permanent skin with nutritious creams and homemade mixtures that help treat skin problems. [2]the reviewerWas the article helpful?

How do we maintain the freshness of the face

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