How do you care about your skin

1 daily care routine

How do you care about your skin – ” Contents1 Daily care routine2 Following a healthy diet3 Reducing stress levels4 referencesDaily skin care routineThe allocation of a daily care routine in the skin is based on essential steps, which are the following: [1]Skin cleansing: it is recommended to use the skin wash to clean it at a rate of once a day, not more; To avoid drying the skin, the exaggeration of the process of cleaning the skin is lost by natural oils.Serum mode: The serum, which includes in its composition, is placed on vitamin C, or peptides or growth factors during the morning period, then the notch is placed from the sun, while during the night it is advisable to put the serum that contains retinol.Skin hydration: skin hydration is of great importance, with different types, but it should be noted the need to use moisturizers for skin with a gelatinous formation that does not cause the closure of pores when dealing with oily skin, while moisturizers with a creamy composition are used when dealing with dry skin.Sun prevention: sunscreen is placed from the sun before 15 minutes outside until it begins to give it, and it is necessary to pay attention to the choice of a cream with a sunscreen agent (in English

2 Following a healthy diet

: SPF) is not less than 30, and it is indicated that dark skin needs protection from the big sun.A healthy dietAttention to the skin requires attention to what is consumed in the diet, because eating healthy nutrients reflects positively the appearance and freshness of the skin, so you should focus on eating vegetables, fruits and whole grains, without neglecting the fat-free protein elements, in addition to eating some elements. Other nutritionals, such as fish oil supplements and low congins of unhealthy fats or refined carbohydrates, have an effect in preserving the skin from the signs of aging, and care should be taken to drink plenty of water to ensure that the skin is preserved. [2]Reduce stress levelsThe skin is negatively affected by the levels of tension and stress, as high tension to high controlled is a reason for the continuous appearance and spread of acne pills on the skin, as skin care requires controlling or getting rid of the tension, and this is beneficial to improve the overall health of the body and its various devices as well as the health of the skin. [3]the reviewerWas the article useful?

3 Reducing stress levels

How do you care about your skin

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