How is acne formed

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How is acne formed – ” Contents1 Acne2 Acne being acne3 Preventing acne4 referencesAcneAcne is a common skin problem among young people, especially in adolescence, and the resolution of this problem needs time to find the appropriate treatment for the type of skin, and acne can leave effects such as scarring on the skin that require further treatment such as exfoliation of natural or chemical substances, there is the so-called physiological acne, which is related to the adult stage accompanied by a major change in hormones, and this hormonal change leads to the emergence of acne, which is mostly simple and on 15% of cases formed by means or severe cases, and most cases of acne can be treated successfully. [1]Being acneAcne is formed when the fat resulting from the increased secretion of sebaceous glands in addition to the dead skin cells that block the hair follicle, and keratin can accumulate in an inappropriate place, forming a suitable environment for the reproduction of germs, and these glands are located in the face, back and chest, which are places where acne spreads. [2]Acne is related to the increase in the secretion of fat, so that people who suffer from youthful love are fat and show that the

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light shines easily, in addition to the emergence of many types of spots that are either inflammatory, either in the form of blisters, bags, knots, or inflammatory and are white heads or black heads, and the dominant spots are the black spots in which the melanin dye is collected in the channels of the glands, while the white spots are difficult to distinguish the wear from which oils and bacteria have infiltrated, and the skin can be pulled and tightened to observe the white heads that can be transformed into inflamed spots, and the patterns, these are the small red spots that people with love of youth have noticed, and the pimples are inflamed spots and if they are large and cause pain, they are called nodules, and if they are larger, they are called bags and can leave a scar in some patients.Prevention of acnePreventing acne: [3]Wash the affected area twice a day with warm water and soap-free medical soap.Use a face wash to sterilize the site of inflammation, dry out excess oil and exfoliate the skin.Stay away from substances that cause skin irritation, such as cosmetics that contain grease, sunscreen and the use of water-based creams.Beware of things that touch the skin and ir

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ritate it, such as hair, hands, and the telephone.Do not tamper with grains or their hole and age.Eat a healthy, wholesome food and stay away from fats such as chocolate and nuts.Do not use sharp shaving blades, moisturize the skin before shaving and shave the hair growth.Skin care using natural masks that care for the skin and reduce the effects of acne.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

How is acne formed

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