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How is my neck – ” Contents1 guard2 habits that should be avoided3 Massage and neck tightening4 referencesNeckThe care of the neck is essential and essential, through: [1]The use of creams and refreshments for their care, the most important of which is a sunscreen so that it is distributed on it evenly, in addition to a moisturizer suitable for the quality of your skin and is placed from below starting from the chin up.Try to sit in a correct and healthy way; Because the opposite leads to sagging in the skin of the neck and chin together and thus appears different lines and lipid tufts.Walk correctly and properly so that the texture is tight and the neck is high, away from sagging and swaying; Because it affects the integrity of the spine until you have a long neck.Use a comfortable pillow and it is better to be medical and stuffed with a soft filling; Because the opposite affects the neck by scandalizing and hardening its muscles.Line the back directly while sleeping without putting a pillow underneath, preferably a flat, soft and spongy bed.Constantly keep away from chains in your neck; Because this causes blacks in the color of the neck skin due to sweat and minerals made smooth, especially gold

2 habits that must be avoided

.Take care of the cleanliness of your neck well, washing it with soap and water on a daily basis and using a rough flap, not soft, so it is not enough to moisturize it with water, but it is better to leave it well.Dry your neck well after washing it and try to massage it too.Better with the moisturizers and creams it contains, in case your neck does not have the necessary fatty substance for it.Habits to avoid themAmong the habits to avoid: [2]Avoid bending as much as possible so that your neck is straight and high, especially when watching TV or talking to others in addition to the process of browsing the internet on the computer or cell phone.Always try to keep your chin up.Stay away from sleeping on a solid, hard or high pillow, so choose it low and soft to recover.Massage and tightening of the neckMassaging the neck helps to tighten it and thus show you younger, in addition to your feeling of relaxation due to the stimulation of blood circulation in the neck, and it is massaged by a set of steps: [3]Grease your neck with a little olive oil or almond oil and distribute it evenly.Massage your neck from right to left, then vice versa, calmly and gently.Massage from bottom to top i

3 Massage and neck tightening

n circular motions using one hand, then massage it with the other.You can use special creams to resist wrinkles.the reviewerWas the article useful?

How is my neck

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