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1 pure and white skin

How is the skin clear and white – ” Contents1 pure and white skin2 medical methods to make the skin clear and white3 natural ways to make skin clear and white4 The most important tips to make the skin clear and white5 factors that cause skin defects6 referencesClear and white skinEveryone dreams without exception to possess a white, clear and free skin, because the skin over time can be exposed to a group of factors that cause it a dangerous skin such as malnutrition, exposure to harmful sunlight, aging, certain skin diseases and many others, as a result of this, the skin causes an increase in the production of melanin (English: Melanin), which is the dye responsible for giving the body its natural color, and many people resort to looking for products to Lighten the skin, but these products may not give the desired result because they contain chemicals that are harmful to the skin, and for good luck, there are many nature recipes, and tips that can help whiten the skin and liquidate it safely. [1]Medical methods to make the skin clear and whiteThere are some medical methods that help to make the skin clear and flawless, including:[2]Laser treatment: The principle of this procedure depends on losing a concentrated a

2 medical methods to make the skin clear and white

mount of light on the dark skin layer, which helps to remove it. It can have good side effects such as swelling and redness.CHEMICAL PEELS: This technology depends on the use of certain acids such as salicylic acid and glycolic acid which removes the first affected layer of skin, and can sometimes cause irritation.Cryosurger: This technology is based on the principle of freezing dark spots, using liquid nitrogen, which causes a peeling for this class, and its disadvantages are a permanent whitening of the affected skin.Natural ways to make the skin clear and whiteRecipe for papaya and honeyPapaya fruit is a useful fruit for skin health, as it has properties that help remove dead skin cells and impurities, while honey is a natural component that contains many valuable nutrients, and also contains anti-bacterial properties, and this recipe is suitable for oily and normal skin. The method is:[3]ingredients:Half a cup of fresh papaya pieces.One teaspoon of to prepare:Crush the papaya pieces well; For a soft, thick paste.Add the honey to the paste and mix the ingredients well.The mixture is placed on the dark skin and leave it for 20 minutes.The skin is washed with warm water,

3 natural ways to make the skin clear and white

then washed with cold water and left to dry.This recipe is repeated daily before going to bed.Turmeric recipeTurmeric contains anti-oxidant properties, antiseptic properties and also helps to build melanin; Maintain the complexion; So this is an excellent recipe to whiten the skin and make it clear. The method is:[4]ingredients:A quantity of turmeric powder.One quantity of creamy to prepare:Mix the ingredients well; For a thick paste.Put the paste on the skin and let it dry.The skin is washed with warm water.This recipe is repeated regularly.Recipe for shea butterShea butter has many vitamins, fatty acids and natural oils beneficial to the skin that help nourish and moisturize dry skin, reduce inflammation and maintain natural collagen production. The method is: [1]Ingredients: a quantity of shea butter.How to prepare:A small amount of shea butter is applied to the skin to be lightened.Leave the shea butter on the skin to dry.This recipe is repeated daily; For best results.Banana recipeBananas contain many valuable and useful nutrients, as it contains vitamin A, vitamin B and vitamin E, as it prevents wrinkles, eliminates scars and is considered an effective recipe for sk

4 The most important tips to make the skin clear and white

in whitening and gravity. The method is:[1]ingredients:Banana.A quantity of honey.How to prepare:Mash the banana seed well, then add honey to it.Mix the ingredients well; For the paste.Put the paste on the skin, for 15 to 20 minutes until it is finished.Rinse the skin with warm water and leave it to dry.This recipe is repeated once every two days.The most important tips to make the skin clear and whiteThere are a set of recommended tips to follow; For white and fair skin, including:[5]Skin exfoliation: it is very important to make sure to exfoliate the skin regularly; Because the accumulation of dead skin cells makes them look dark, dull and the process of exfoliation helps to remove this accumulated layer, and it is best to use exfoliation consisting of natural materials such as sugar, salt while rubbing circular motions gently.Avoid excessive exposure to sunlight: excessive exposure to sunlight is one of the most important causes that make the skin dark, so it is necessary to take care to take all safety precautions before going out, placing a sunscreen with a protection factor of at least that 30, and it is better to wear long-sleeved shirts and wear hats that protect the skin f

rom sunlight.Skin hydration: it is always recommended to maintain skin hydration; Because of its importance in preventing the formation of a layer of dead skin cells, as this helps to keep the skin young and supple, therefore it is advisable to use moisturizer daily and avoid as much as possible from moisturizers that contain its composition on the alcohol material; Because it causes dry skin, it is best to use natural moisturizers such as coconut oil, jojoba oil, olive oil or almond oil.Makeup removal: makeup should be removed before going to sleep; When it does be severely damaged, as it blocks its pores and leads to dark dark spots, acne and some skin diseases. [1]Avoid smoking: as it is recommended to stop smoking; To maintain the health of the skin. [1]Practice sports: stress and stress is one of the main causes that make the skin unclean, so it is recommended to exercise. [1]Proper diet: it is very important to follow a healthy diet that ensures freshness and serenity of the skin, as it is recommended to eat foods that contain important nutrients such as vitamin C because of its role in reducing skin pigmentation, brightening and its The most important sources of orange, lemo

n and grapes. And apple, and is also important to contain the diet to contain omega -3 fatty acids, due to its role in skin brightening, and one of its most important sources is the peach.Drink water: it is recommended to drink plenty of water per day; To keep the body, stay wet, and thus expel toxins. [1]Factors that cause skin defectsThere are a group of factors that negatively affect the skin and make it look dark, and thus the skin looks impure, including:[1]Tension and stress.Following a poor diet.Aging.Frequent exposure to harmful sunlight.Environmental pollution.Some skin diseases.Side effects of some medications. [2]Stage of pregnancy. [2]Tumors of tomorrow powerful. [2]the reviewerWas the article useful?

How is the skin clear and white

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