How it became clean

1 Keep the body clean

How it became clean – ” Contents1 Keep the body clean2 Other ways to maintain hygiene3 referencesKeeping the body cleanDaily showerShowering daily helps to keep the body clean and remove dirt, and the use of soap or aromatic gels helps to add freshness and coolness to the skin, where all parts of the body should be cleaned with soap and sponge, and Do not leave any part un-cleaned, especially the areas in which you can multiply bacteria; Such as underarm area, and others. [1]Cleaning the teethCleaning the mouth and teeth is one of the important things to take care of, cleaning the teeth twice a day for three minutes at a time when the teeth are cleaned by the brush; To get rid of bacteria and avoid the unpleasant smell of the soul, mouthwash can be used with toothpaste; To get rid of the deposits on the teeth, dental cleaning floss can also be used when necessary, in addition to the importance of seeing the dentist every six months. [1]RinseMaintaining the cleanliness of the hair is one of the important things to follow, washing it several times during the week, and that reverse washes are beneficial for the scalp and gets rid of any oils in the hair, where they are not recommended to Put many stabilize

2 other ways to maintain hygiene

rs or hair mousse; Because this can lead to damage, in addition to the importance of using the hair protection products against heat if the hair dryer is used. [1]Hand CleaningHand washing is one of the important things to preserve, because hot or cold water should be used, with the addition of any type of soap, where the antibacterial soap can be used, and the process of hand washing should continue for ten to fifteen seconds, So that it includes washing clinics, between the fingers, around the nails, and then rinse the hands and dry them with a towel. [2]Other ways to maintain hygieneThere are other methods through which the house can be preserved, and it is the following: [3]Divide the rooms of the house during cleaning and determine the days and number of times during which the wet rooms will be cleaned; Such as the kitchen, bathroom, laundry and dry rooms; Such as bedrooms or living rooms according to Sinatia Townsi Eur, author of Business Books, and publisher (organized).Cleaning the kitchen, bathroom and laundry room twice during the week, as the cleaning depends on the size of the family according to Landley Eur.Cleaning of dry rooms from dust with a vacuum cleaner, washing

the bed from dust, and this can suffice them once a week and only for cleaning, and that is based on the number of children and pets at home.the reviewerWas the article useful?

How it became clean

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