How long is the face peeling time?

1 laser peeling period

How long is the face peeling time? – ” Contents1 Laser peeling period2 Chemical peeling period3 facial peeling with creams4 normal facial peeling5 referencesLaser peeling period for laserThe laser peeling period varies depending on the type of laser used in the treatment and is classified as follows: [1]CO2 laser resurfacing: it treats many problems that affect the skin, such as: scars, nasal fat, wrinkles and warts, emitting light rays, or light energy, characterized by its severe brevity, gets rid of the skin of thin layers With simple thermal side effects, it takes nearly two weeks of carbon laser.Erbium laser resurfacing: it treats skin problems, such as: deep wrinkles, superficial lines, in the face, neck, chest and hands, especially for brown skin, and is characterized by the fact that the percentage of its side effects is lower than others, such as: redness, skin burning, bruising and swelling surrounding, and it takes a period of less than carbon dioxide, and it uses only one week, and the doctor determines the period needed for treatment more precisely.Period of chemical peeling for the faceChemical peeling is useful to treat problems that affect the skin, such as: pigmentation, melasma, acne, wrinkles, fine

2 Chemical peeling period

lines, wounds and skin tone gradients that affect the face, hands or neck, and the duration of chemical peeling of the face varies According to the degree of exfoliation [2], it is as follows: [3]Surface chemical peeling: it takes 2 to 5 weeks, depending on the condition, and it is expressed in the treatment of skin pigmentation, especially acne and dry skin. [3]Medium chemical peeling: it takes 3 to 9 months, removes the top layer of the skin and the first parts of the middle layer. [3]Deep chemical peeling: it takes 15 minutes and the patient is taken by phenol by the doctor. [2]The duration of peeling the face with creamsThe period used when peeling the face with creams is once a day, until the desired result is achieved, and that is by applying exfoliation on the skin; To get rid of dead skin cells, using a clean towel without pressure on the skin and without using the coarse fiber; So that the skin is not damaged, because it can be exfoliated creams twice a day according to the need of the skin, or according to the doctor’s recommendation.Natural peeling of the faceThe period required to exfoliate the skin varies, depending on the recipe and its components, and each mask is di

3 peeling of the face with creams

fferent from others, so – for example – should exfoliate the face with honey a period of about half an hour, and honey is a natural moisture, the mask is the following: [5]ingredients:One teaspoon of honey.One teaspoon of sandalwood powder.One teaspoon of turmeric powder.DIRECTIONS FOR USE:Ingredients are mixed well; Make a paste.Remove the paste on the damaged areas of the skin and leave for 10 to 20 minutes.The skin is washed with lukewarm water.The mask is used 2-3 times a week; For the desired result.the reviewerWas the article useful?

4 normal peeling for the face

How long is the face peeling time?

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