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How the body smell becomes beautiful – ” Contents1 beautiful body odor2 causes of bad body odor3 foods that cause bad body odor4 natural recipes for a beautiful body odor5 foods to get rid of bad smell6 instructions and features to get a beautiful body odor7 blue and shout for the smell of perfume for a long time8 referencesBeautiful body odorA person loves the beautiful smell and is interested in all his age stages; Where it positively affects the people around him and himself, especially the female, where the beautiful smell is a symbol of his femininity and charm, and increases his recovery and self-identification, and there are many reasons that cause an annoying smell of the Body, but there are many solutions to this problem, and that is what we will explain in this article.Causes of bad body odorThere are several reasons for bad body odor, including:[1]Lack of hygiene that leads to the accumulation of bacteria on the body.Excessive sweating.Eating alcohol that mimics body fluids.Diabetes.Taking some medications.Hot food.Caffeine drinks.Thyroid problems.Hot and humid climate.Foods that cause the body to smell badThe human body gets rid of the poison through the skin, so there are certain types of foods that we appr

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oach lead to an unpleasant smell of the body, and of these foods: [2]Red meat: it causes laziness in the digestive system and poison in the blood and thus the emission of unpleasant regulations of the body.Garlic.Spices: like curry, cumin and red bell pepper.Foods that lack fiber: like sugars, hydrogenated oils and white flour; It contains the poison that causes unpleasant regulations.Natural recipes for a beautiful body odorAlthough various perfumes are available, the woman seeks to perfume her body with natural products and recipes that do not cause side effects of her body, and among these recipes:Freiled and lemon soap: bring a tiny aromatherapy soap, a cup of lemon juice and two tablespoons of almond oil; Where the soap is sprinkled and mixed with lemon juice and almond oil in a pan, and placed on low heat until it melts and becomes like salves, and apply the body at any time. [3]Baby oil and rose water: bring a cup of baby oil and a cup of rose water; Where the ingredient is mixed well and the body is rubbed with this mixture directly after the bath. [3]Hanging oil and glycerin: equal ingredients of musk, glycerin and rose water are prepared; Where it is mixed well and the bo

3 foods that cause bad smell to the body

dy is applied with the mixture after bath. [3]Sodium bicarbonate: absorbs sweat, eliminates unpleasant odor and kills bacteria; As a tablespoon of baking soda and a tablespoon of lemon juice; When the ingredients are mixed well, then apply the sweaty places in the body with this recipe and leave for several minutes, then rinse with water, this recipe is repeated once a day for several weeks. [4]Tomatoes: Tomatoes contain emergency substances that kill bacteria that cause body odor, and they reduce body sweat; Where 7 or 8 fruits are prepared from tomatoes with water, and the body rinse them once a day. [4]Al -Miramiya: It reduces the activity of ethnic glands, and is considered antibacterial and thus eliminates the smell of the bad body; Where 5 drops of tyretic oil, 5 drops of lamp oil, 5 drops of coriander oil and some ginger; Where the ingredients are mixed well and the mixture is placed in a bottle with a machine gun and the recipe is used as deodorant. [4]Romemary: Bring two cups of dried rosemary and half a liter of boiling water, after which the rosemary is soaked in boiling water, then filtered and added to the shower water. [5]Municipal roses and rose water: half a cup of

4 Natural recipes for a beautiful body smell

rose water, a cup of flowers and half a cup of coconut milk and warm water; Where the bathtub is filled with warm water and the above ingredients are placed in it, and the person sits for 15 minutes. [5]Food to get rid of bad smellFood plays an important role in influencing body odor; Some foods when eating can cause sassy body odor and other foods that send the beautiful smell of all parts of the body, and these foods:Hesterries: Acids give the body the beautiful refreshing smell. [6]MINT: It has an aromatic effect on the body; Where it can be added to one of the sticks and its eating sticks, and it can also be used with the shower water. [6]Rose water: rose water gives fragrant smell to the body, in addition to that, it gives the skin freshness. [6]Aromatic herbs: such as chamomile, carname, green tea, thyme, prunings, ginger, cinnamon and rosemary (rosemary); It gives the body the beautiful distinctive smell and purifies it from the poison causing the unpleasant smell. [6]Olive oil: Olive oil controls the bacteria that cause sweat because it contains antioxidants. [7]Bananas: Bananas improve digestion and thus control the secretion of sweat, because it contains potassium. [7]Ins

tructions and characteristics to get a beautiful body odorOne of the teenagers who can be followed to maintain the body odor so that it is beautiful and distinctive the following:Bathing at least once a day. [4]Avoid wearing tight shoes for long periods of time. [4]Wear cotton clothing to avoid sweat. [4]Quit smoking. [4]Eat green vegetables. [4]Washing clothes after wearing them only once. [4]Fixing on anger and relief from fatigue. [4]Water drained in abundance. [4]Regular hair removal. [4]Wearing nice smelling clothes. [8]Put on the body powder after bathing. [8]Clean teeth with brush and putty at least twice a day to get rid of bacteria that cause bad mouth. [9]Rights and cries for the smell of perfume for a long time.These are simple ways, so that the smell of perfume lasts as long as possible on the body:[10]Put on the body cream directly and then the perfume after the shower; This is because the skin is wet and absorbs perfumes and creams more quickly.Put the perfume on the hottest and most heated areas of the body and rub it in when placed on the body until the scent is distributed in more than one area.The need to moisturize the skin before applying the perfume.Keep the pe

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How the body smell becomes beautiful

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