How the skin becomes clear

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How the skin becomes clear – ” Contents1 Pure skin2 How the skin becomes clear3 General tips for clear skin4 referencesClear skinMany people want to get clear and bright skin, and certainly women seek this more compared to men, clear skin means spending less time in makeup daily, as well as in less types of multiple types of products used for skin care, and makeup is only a temporary and fake solution, and no, it can treat the annoying skin problems. On the contrary, using cheap and not high-quality products exacerbates the problems that the skin suffers from, and there is no better way than natural ways to Treat these problems and be clear, pure and beautiful. [1]How skin becomes clearFoods that contribute to clear skinIt is said that a person is a sentence on what he eats, and this means that when a person eats a healthy food, he will, in turn, become clear, bright and beautiful, and there are many healthy foods that contribute To get this, including: [2]Kefir.Moringa.Plant Qass.Black raspberries.Mint.Hazelnuts.Tomatoes.AL -BAQALA PLANT.Water.Fennel.Oat milk.Red grape.Beet.Tofu.Brown rice.Legumes.Avocado.Garlic.Broccoli.Children.Eggs.Burdock plant.Cottage cheese.Green tea.Sweet potato.Acai, which is a type o

2 How the skin becomes clear

f palm.Mackerl.Salmon.Oyster.Pumpkin seeds.Natural recipes for clear skinThere are many natural recipes that can help achieve clear, pure and flawless skin, including:Coconut oil: Coconut oil is considered an effective natural moisturizer that helps moisturize and soften the skin. This oil contains and make it naturally shiny and healthy, and the method is:[1]ingredients:Superport sufficient coconut oil.CottonHow to prepare:Coconut oil is slightly heated.The hot oil is placed all over the skin, then massage it well up to a minute, or two minutes.The oil is left on the skin for a few minutes.Wipe off the excess oil with a piece of cotton.This recipe is repeated twice a day.Apple cider vinegar: apple cider vinegar peels the dead skin cells that have accumulated on the skin, which helps to show the new and healthy cells, in addition to this, apple cider vinegar also helps to protect the pores of the skin from infections and infections and infections and infections and The method is:[1]ingredients:Adequate amount of apple cider vinegar.Adequate amount of water, the amount of apple cider vinegar is equal.Cottonhow to prepare:Mix the ingredients well.A piece of cotton is soaked in the mi

3 general tips to get clear skin

xture, then placed on the skin, and it is left overnight.The skin is washed in the morning as it is usually washed.This recipe is repeated daily before going to sleep.Note: You can also mix a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar with a cup of water and drink the mixture in the morning every day.Green tea: Doctors recommend drinking green tea daily; This is due to its ability to provide the body with health, as well as skin and purification, as it has the ability to nourish the body and help treat it; Indeed, it contains many antioxidants, in addition to this, green tea reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood, and also maintains the health of the heart and bones in the body, and as we said earlier, the health of the body from the inside is reflected on the appearance of the skin and its lobes from the outside, the method is: [1]ingredients:A bag of green tea.A cup of hot water.An appropriate amount of honey as you like.Sufficient removal of lemon juice as you wish.How to prepare:The green tea bag is soaked in water and left for a few minutes.The green tea bag is removed, add honey and lemon juice to the cup.Drink the cup warm.Drink two cups or three cups of green tea per day.Genera

l tips for clear skinGetting clear skin can be a difficult challenge for many people, but in reality, it can easily be achieved, following some tips that we will mention: [3]Buy products with natural ingredients.Avoid using products with dangerous chemicals; Because it causes a lot of damage to the skin.Wash your face once or twice a day.Always keep the skin moisturized.Use one of the types of gels or creams to shave when shaving.Using natural face masks.Peel the skin with natural materials; To remove dead skin cells.Drinking more water; Because it helps to keep the skin in the best condition.Protect the skin from sunlight.Stop smoking; Because smoking reduces blood flow to the skin, causing premature wrinkles and skin damage.Reduce the duration of hot water, because hot baths cause dryness.Reduce the number of makeup products used.Do not touch the face.Reduce stress and pressure.Eat more fruits and vegetables.Eat foods that contain high amounts of healthy fats.Eat more foods that contain a lot of whole grains.Eat more foods with lots of vitamin C.Exercise for five days a week.Visit a dietitian; to help provide advice on a healthy diet and helpful to help achieve clear skin, and th

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How the skin becomes clear

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