How the sound becomes beautiful

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How the sound becomes beautiful – ” Contents1 beautiful voice2 Improve the sound and make it beautiful3 reasons for sound change4 ways to treat soundThe good voiceThe sound is one of the special fingerprints that stand out and unique to each person from the other, and the means of communication, expression and understanding with the outside world, many of us are eager to enjoy a beautiful, soft voice that facilitates the task When he hears it, and the voice is used to know the state of health of the person, through which the symptoms of health problems can be distinguished that can be exposed, and we will examine in this article practical ways to improve solid performance and problems can affect the vocal cords and how to treat them.Improve the sound and make it beautifulBe sure to practice breathing exercises, especially in the early morning hours, because the atmosphere is rich in oxygen, which supports and increases the strength of the sound and the health of the body.Take the soul correctly and it is the next:Take the breath slowly and gradually and count 1,2,3,4.Keep the air in the lungs for four seconds, then take it slowly with the number to 4, as soon as the breath is used to the number 4, then it begins to

2 Improving the sound and making it beautiful

increase the number to ten then twenty and so on.Eat fresh natural juices, honey and drink hot herbs.Painting with exercise, such as running, for example, this helps to strengthen the heart muscles and improves the efficiency of blood circulation, which improves the way to take the soul and thus acquire a fresh voice.Causes of sound changeUnhealthy surrounding environment.Drug use, cigarette smoking and alcohol.Loud shouting and frequent talking.Eating cold or very hot food and drinks.Sudden change in the weather.Stomach acidity would affect the work of the vocal cords.Unhealthy foods.Ways to treat soundIt has been said: “A dirham is a good protection than a quintificate treatment”, so safety measures must be taken to preserve the sound from diseases that may be exposed as a result of external factors that surround it.Put the sound of stress, especially people who depend on their voice to perform their work as teachers.Do not make an additional strain on the sound and avoid shouting severe.A loud cough would cause injury to the throat.Stop smoking and do not be in an environment that many smokers abound.Use the natural voice and do not make or imitate the voices of others.In inapp

3 reasons for sound change

ropriate work environments, they are eager to use preventive means such as categories.In case of illness, avoid fatigue and stress.Avoid anything that causes allergies.Take rest periods, breathe and relax from time to time.See a doctor if you have a serious problem and don’t ignore it.Was the article useful?

4 Ways to treat sound

How the sound becomes beautiful

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