How to apply bitter almond oil on the skin

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How to apply bitter almond oil on the skin – ” Contents1 Bitter almonds2 How to apply bitter almond oil on the skinBitter almondsOne of the most important natural oils characterized by a valuable composition, as it is rich in many basic and important elements of the body, including vitamins, acids and minerals, where it is extracted in many traditional methods and modern ones from the fruits of almonds, which in turn fall under the category of roses and belong to the sex of the peach, and spread widely in many parts of the world, especially those of the scope and borders of the Mediterranean countries or Mediterranean, as well as in The Levant, such as: Syria, Lebanon and Palestine and Jordan, knowing that this oil is used in many areas, including the medical and cosmetic field, and given its importance, we chose to review how it prepares it and its most important benefits in detail in this article.How to apply bitter almond oil on the skinAlmond oil can be applied directly over the skin to treat certain aesthetic problems, and it can also be mixed with useful natural elements that help to achieve better results, and below we will mention the most important ones:Maintain the health of the skin and the skinThanks to the bitter

2 How to apply bitter almond oil on the skin

almond oil containing a very high percentage of essential vitamins, including vitamin A, H, which makes it a base for eliminating dryness and nutrition, especially if appropriate amounts are applied daily on the areas to be treated .Treating dark circlesDark circles are caused by many factors and causes, including vigor, fatigue, lack of fluids, food, etc., and they cause pallor and pigmentation of the area around the eyes, and bitter almond oil can be applied under the eye area on average of at least twice a week to achieve the best results.Delay the signs of agingRenew the skin and maintain its youthfulness and vitality, applying it in the same previous way, mixing two tablespoons of almond oil with a small amount of antioxidant vitamin E.Get rid of dead skin residueMix five banana seeds, with a teaspoon of milk, and a small amount of fresh lemon juice and chickpeas, and put the mixture on the skin for at least thirty minutes, then wash the skin well with warm water to get the best possible result , as a tablespoon of almond oil can be mixed with a teaspoon of sugar and massage the skin with the mixture in a circular motion to get rid of various skin problems.Treat skin diseases

Treat infections, redness and irritation, by mixing two tablespoons of five points of chamomile oil, adding five points of lavender oil and putting the mixture several times a day.Was the article helpful?

How to apply bitter almond oil on the skin

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