How to avoid acne

1 Reducing the eating of foods that cause acne

How to avoid acne – ” Contents1 Reduce consumption of foods that cause acne2 Reduce the use of makeup3 Eat antibiotics4 Avoid sunlight5 Wash your skin regularly6 ReferencesReduce foods that cause acneA group of research has shown that there are certain foods that caused the onset of acne, and according to the American Academy of Leather Diseases that foods high in sugar and carbohydrates increase the risk of infection by love. [1]Reduce makeup useMakeup plays an important role in closing the pores of the skin, which contributes to the spread and exacerbation of the problem of acne, so it is necessary to reduce the apple of makeup on the skin, and if it must be used, it is necessary To avoid the use of cosmetics that contain oils and heavy fatty materials, and replace them with products that are free of fragrances are also recommended to avoid the use of oily shampoo, shaving creams, body washers and styling products; All cause the appearance of skin pills. [2]Eating antibioticsConsumption of antibiotics helps to reduce infections and bacteria on the skin, and antibiotics that are taken orally, or placed on the skin, usually prescribed that people who take them by mouth are patients who suffer from sev

2 reduce the use of makeup

ere acne, or failure of other solutions and treatments, and it should be noted that the use of antibiotics for a long time leads to the risk of antibiotic resistance. [2]Avoid sun exposureExposure of the skin to the sun for long periods of time to dry it, and this is what makes it produce more oils, which leads to even its pores, which helps the appearance of acne, so a sunscreen should be used before going out and exposure to the harmful sun. [3]Wash the skin regularlyYou should maintain the cleanliness of the skin, washing it twice a day in the morning and evening with a moderate lotion, taking into account its cleaning also if the skin is a lot of perspiration, and it is recommended to use warm water when washing the washing of the washing of the washing of the skin; This is to open its pores, in addition to using the drying paper to get rid of its oils. [3]the reviewerWas the article useful?

3 Eating antibiotics

4 Avoid sunlight

How to avoid acne

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