How to be flexible body

1 breathing deeply

How to be flexible body – ” Contents1 Deep breathing2 Determine the goal of body elasticity3 Determine and follow a plan4 Stop5 Using a specialist6 Following a healthy diet7 Elastic exercises8 ReferencesFailing deeplyIt is important to focus on breathing more than focusing on muscles when trying to make the body more flexible; Because breathing deeply relaxes the mind and gets rid of stress muscles. [1]Determine the goal of body elasticityIt is important to determine the personal goal of the desire to make the body flexible; Because it will help to achieve the goal quickly, and the goal may be to improve performance, reduce the pain that accompanies the muscles after exercise, improve movement, reduce the risk of infection or relieve pain in general. [2]Determine and follow a planA specific plan must be followed and implemented regularly to achieve a flexible body, and the plan is due to the internal needs, condition and ability of the individual, and it makes the body adapt to flexibility. [2]StopStretching is to make the main muscles stretch for only 10-30 seconds, and it can be practiced after exercise or in free time. [3]Using a specialistIt is important to seek advice from a fitness specialist before b

2 determining the goal of body elasticity

eginning flexibility exercises, as they can assess the level of personal flexibility and kinetic capacity, and as a result can determine which exercises are appropriate for each individual’s needs and fitness level . [4]A healthy dietThere is no specific type of food that can increase flexibility; Therefore, a healthy diet must be followed to strengthen bones and muscles for a period of at least several weeks to be able to see the results, it is good to eat fresh food instead of resorting to fast food, and it is important to Make sure the balance of meals and follow a plan to keep them as well. [4]Flexibility exercisesThere are exercises that help the body become more flexible, including:[5]Standing on the feet and eyebrows of the servants in front of the body, then make them cross, then make them to the sides or a little further, this should be done gently and tightly, and make sure that there is nothing that can intercept the hands when they move.Sitting on the floor in a spacious place, moving the upper body to the right leg until the leg becomes a straight with the middle of the chest, then slowly launches and made to touch the knee and stay like this for 30 seconds as a minimu

3 Determine and follow a plan

m, and do this movement at least twice for each leg.the reviewerWas the article useful?

4 Stop

How to be flexible body

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