How to bleach knees

1 lightening the knees

How to bleach knees – “Contents1 thinning the knees2 medical methods to thin the knees3 natural recipes to lighten the knees4 tips to avoid knee tanning5 things to take to solve the problem of dark knees6 Knee darkening mixes videoLighterThe skin of the area most vulnerable to bending and stretching during the day is, which makes it dry, and darkening of other parts of the body, and the cases that cause the tanning of these areas differ, some of which are treated with creams, local Moisturizers, which can also be treated with the help of effective natural recipes. To get rid of it, with specific cases that may require going to the specialist, which is usually due to different medical diseases, and this article will be discussed a number of treatments, and natural recipes used to treat and get rid of this problem, in addition to prevention methods. 1]Medical methods to thin the kneesThere are many medical products that help whiten dark spots on the knees and elbows, including:[2]Hydrogen peroxide: hydrogen peroxide can be added to facial masks to increase the effectiveness of whitening; And because the application of hydrogen peroxide directly to the skin, it inhibits the blood flow in the skin, and it c

2 medical methods to lighten the knees

an be accompanied by many side effects, so it can be mixed with milk, honey and papaya and applied to the knees and elbows, And you will notice a result by the disappearance of pigmentation and the elimination of dark spots on them.Skin lightening creams: These are immediate ways to get whitening, as the creams contain effective ingredients such as glutathione, alpha arbutin, COGK acid and hydroquinone, but with low concentration; Because it represents more than 2% of mercury, it becomes dangerous for use.Grains and injection: this is one of the sensitive methods in case of need to be used, because it must be done under medical supervision and guidance, and it is used because the pigmentation was in a very advanced degree.Natural recipes to lighten the kneesThere are many natural recipes that can be applied to get rid of dark knees, including the following:baking sodaBaking soda is one of the effective natural skin scales; It cleans the skin, removes dead skin cells, while lactic acid and amino acids found in milk are moisturizing and soften the skin, as well as antioxidants that maintain the health of the skin longer, and the method is:[3]ingredients:1 tablespoon of baking soda.1

3 Natural recipes to lighten the knees

tablespoon of to prepare:Mix the ingredients well, then put the knees and elbows.Gently rub the skin, with 2 or 3 minutes of circular movements, then wash it with water.This method is repeated once every two days; even the darkening of the skin.Coconut oilCoconut oil is one of the best natural moisturizing oils for the skin, because it contains vitamin E; Which fights dry skin, reforms damaged skin cells, and the method is:[3]ingredients:1 tablespoon of coconut oil.1 tablespoon of walnut to prepare:Mix the ingredients well; To make a thick paste.The paste is placed on the elbows and knees for 2-3 minutes, then wash the skin with water.This method is repeated two to three times a week.Coconut oil can be placed on the knees after bathing or before bedtime daily.Onions and garlicOnions and garlic contain minerals and essential oils that help lighten the skin, and the method is:[4]ingredients:One clove of garlic.One onion seed.A little lemon juice.A little rose water.A quantity of glycerin.Moderate soap.Tool of bars.How to prepare:Loosen the garlic and onions, then sprinkle them into small pieces and mix them.Place the mixture on the knees for 10 to 15 minutes, then

4 tips to prevent tanning of the knees

wash the water with water and soap.Mix one amount of glycerin and the amount of lemon juice, with two amounts of rose water.The mixture is placed on the dark skin.This method is repeated regularly.Mint and lemon juicePeppermint contains purifying and anti-inflammatory properties, and it also contains essential oils that help the formation of white blood cells, stimulate collagen, in addition to its ability to renew the skin cells of the skin, and the method is:[4]ingredients:Half a cup of water.A handful of mint leaves.Half a lemon.Cotton to prepare:Water is placed on the fire; Until it boils.Mint leaves are added to the boiling water and boil for several minutes.Spread half a lemon in the water, then remove the water from the fire and set aside until it cools.The mixture is placed on the knees and elbows with a cotton ball.Leave the mixture on the skin for 10 to 15 minutes, then wash the skin with warm water.This method is repeated regularly.YogurtAl -zubadi contains lactic acid that helps to brighten and clean the complexion, and the method is:[5]ingredients:One teaspoon of regular yogurt.One teaspoon of white to prepare:Mix the ingredients well; For a soft

paste.The paste is placed on the dark areas and left on until it dries.The skin is washed with lukewarm water, derived by raising it, then moisturizing with the appropriate moisturizer.This method is repeated daily, for a few weeks.Otherwise:Mix two tablespoons of chickpeas, with a tablespoon of yogurt; To obtain a thick paste.The paste is placed on the knees and elbows, and left for 20 minutes.Rub the skin with wet fingers; To remove the paste, then wash it with water.This method is repeated two or three times a week.SugarSugar granules help to loosen dead skin cells, help to achieve super smoothness and reduce the dark color of the knees, and the method is:[5]ingredients:The amount of sugar.A quantity of olive oil.The way to prepare:The ingredients are mixed well in equal amounts; To make a thick paste.The paste is placed on the knees and elbows.The mixture is rubbed with circular motions for five minutes, then washed with mild soap and warm water.This method is repeated every week.Aloe veraAloe vera is one of the natural singles that maintains the moisture of the skin and helps to maintain the complexion and improve the repair process of damaged skin cells as a result of sun exp

osure, and the method is: [5]Ingredients: One aloe vera leaf.How to prepare:The aloe vera leaf is opened and the gel is extracted inside.The gel is placed on the affected areas, left for 20 minutes, then washed off with warm water.This method is repeated once or twice a day for a few weeks.Tips to prevent knee tanningThere are a number of tips that should be followed to avoid dark knees, including the following: [4]Maintain regular use of sunscreen.Use moisturizers after bathing; To avoid dehydration and friction.Rub knees and elbows with a pumice stone; To remove dead skin cells from them.Use the peeled brush or fiber when bathing.Put olive oil on the knees before going to bed and leave it overnight; To soften and whiten the skin.Place Vaseline on elbows and knees, cover with a piece of cloth or wear socks on them daily for several weeks.Rub knees and elbows with a piece of lemon, while avoiding putting lemon juice or salt directly on dry or cracked skin; For this will cause irritation and burning.Constantly rub knees and elbows with cucumber slices.Put on hydrogenated moisturizers with shea butter, jojoba oil, cocoa butter or coconut oil, after using any of the above methods, and

before going to sleep; To keep the skin fresh and combat its darkening.Avoid excessive peeling of the knees; Because this will lead to the production of additional skin cells, so it is recommended to exfoliate two to three times a week.Using natural bleaching recipes instead of chemicals.Drinking plenty of water; ridding the body of toxins and improving health.Reducing processed foods, such as: sugars, starches, cereals, energy drinks, soft drinks and caffeine.Things to take to solve the problem of dark kneesThere are a number of things that need to be considered for those who suffer from dark knees, including the following: [1]A large amount of water is drunk: the amount of water drunk daily should be increased; This is to increase the hydration of the skin in case of doubt that the problem of dark knee is caused by dry skin, so it is necessary to drink at least two liters of water per day; For a healthy and fresh skin.Visit a dermatologist: When you try different natural methods to get rid of dark knees

How to bleach knees

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