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How to block the face pores – ” Contents1 open pores2 causes of large pores3 tips for reducing large pores4 natural treatments for large pores5 Video of the drunken ways of the face Pores6 referencesOpen poresOpen or large pores in the skin are small pits that appear on the face and make it look like orange peel, and reduce the beauty of the skin, and can also contribute to causing other skin problems such as acne and blackheads, especially for people with oily skin, due to secretions excessive sebum from the skin, in addition to dirt and bacteria, which cause the appearance of pills, and pores, which makes them look more and clearly, and there are reasons that lead to the appearance of the appearance of These pores, and there are many solutions for them, and this is what we will learn in our topic. [1]Causes of large poresThe sun is exposed for long periods of time, UV rays are harmful to the collagen in the skin, which reduces the elasticity of the channels. [1]Age has the same effect on the skin. [1]Genetic factors play a role in the appearance of large pores. [2]Accumulation of dirt and dust on the skin with poor care to clean it properly leads to stretching of the skin and enlargement of pores. [2]Using co

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smetics or creams that are not suitable for the skin. [2]Skin type plays a role in the appearance of large pores, with oily skin with more vulnerability to its appearance due to increased oil secretion. [2].Fasting hormones in a woman can cause the expansion of pores, such as estrogen, androgen hormone and progesterone, so that fluctuations in these hormones increase the secretion of oil in the skin, which leads to the expansion of pores. [3]Tips for reducing large poresThese are some tips that reduce the size of large pores in the skin, namely:[2]Maintain the cleanliness of the skin, using appropriate lotion to clean the pores, especially before going to sleep or using soap that contains salsic acid which has a role in cleaning the skin from impurities, dust and others.Use the appropriate toner for the skin and that is immediately after cleaning it, because of its effect in tightening the skin, and some natural materials such as tomato juice that tighten the skin and the skin can be used.Use the appropriate sunscreen daily before leaving the house, to protect the skin from sunlight where the collagen breaks down.Use an appropriate facial moisturizer, and for oily skin, the moistur

3 tips to reduce wide pores

izer should be free of oils that increase this problem.Remove makeup before going to bed with an appropriate makeup remover that is comfortable on the skin.Exfoliation of the skin is regular to regenerate the cells and clean the pores at the same time.Use of a specialized skin doctor in case of exacerbation of the pore problem to take appropriate measures and treatment.Natural treatments for large poresAlthough there are many dedicated pore reduction preparations on the market, it is not recommended to try any of them without the use of a leather doctor, and some cheap and easy home treatments can be tried to reduce the appearance of open pores, including:Snow: Snow works to stimulate blood circulation and promote skin health, as it has an effect to reduce large pores and tighten the skin, and is often used to tighten the skin and reduce pores before applying makeup, applying ice cubes With a cloth and transmit it to the skin for 15 to 30 seconds, this method can also be replaced by washing the face with cold water that gives the same effect, and rose water, apple juice or cucumber can be added to the water Before it can benefit more, and this method can be repeated daily. [1]Egg w

4 Natural treatments for wide pores

hite: Eggs have many benefits for the skin, such as nourishing the skin, moisturizing and brightening, as it rids the skin of its excessive oily secretions, and strives to tighten it and reduce its pores, using an egg white and whisk In a bowl, adding half a lemon for this, then applying the mixture to the skin until it dries completely, with the repetition of this method several times a week for a month to achieve the desired result. [1]Apple Cider Vinegar: apple cider vinegar is many benefits for the skin, as it is an antimicrobial and infections that cause acne, as it balances the acidity of the skin and tightens it, and reduces large pores, reducing a The amount of apple cider vinegar with an equal amount to water, then soaked the mixture of a cotton ball, and wipe it after washing it well, leave it for several minutes, then wash the face and moisturize with an appropriate moisturizer and repeat This method once at night for several weeks to achieve the desired result. [1]Aloera (in English): Or what is called aloe vera gel, moisturizes the skin and has an effect to clean it from oils and dirt accumulated in the pores, and therefore it tightens the skin and reduces these pores,

and the way It is used by applying an appropriate amount of fresh aloe vera on the skin with massage in circular motions for some time ten minutes, after which the face is washed with cold water, and with each day it will notice the difference in shrinking these pores. [4]Tea tree oil: Tea tree oil works as a skin antiseptic for the skin as it is an antimicrobial, as it holds its large pores, and it can be used to minimize the pores by adding 3 or 4 dots to a cup of water, put the mixture with an appropriate package that contains a skin spray, and put it in the refrigerator until it cools down, then sprinkle it on the skin and leave until it dries, then wash the face with water, and it is best to use it once in the morning and once in the evening daily until the skin improves. [4]Facial Pore VideoTo learn more about how to ivory facial pores, watch the video.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

How to block the face pores

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