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How to blond my body hair – “Contents1 cross the body2 natural recipes for cramps on the hair3 tips for skin and body care4 referencesCrossing the bodyThe problem of excess hair in the face is one of the embarrassing problems for women, so every woman seeks to take care of her body in several ways, such as removing excess hair, or a lining of the skin, where some women resort to the purchase of creams allocated To overload the excess hair, and if the skin is sensitive, it is recommended to use natural ingredients empty of chemicals, in this article, we will explain natural and inexpensive ways to break the hair. [1]Natural recipes for cramps on the hairHydrogen peroxideHydrogen peroxide is used in the skin of the skin. The method is:[1]ingredients:15 grams of hydrogen peroxide.10 drops of to prepare:Mix the two components together, put the mixture on the black hair for 20-30 minutes, then wash it off.This process can be repeated the next day if the ovary does not work to click on the skin.Note: it is advisable not to use pyroxide and ammonia to glide the eyebrows and eyelashes; they contain strong chemicals.LemonadeLemon juice is used to cook excess hair, but it makes the skin sensitive to the sun

2 Natural recipes for body hair cramping

if exposed directly, resulting in burning or the appearance of dark spots and a rash. The method is: [2]Ingredients: lemon juice.How to prepare:The era of the lemon, then put it on the skin for 15 to 20 minutes.Wash the skin and avoid sunlight throughout the day.Otherwise:Mix lemon juice with honey in equal amounts, then put the mixture on the skin for 20 minutes.Wash the skin with water and avoid sunlight throughout the day.Chamomile teaChamomile tea is used in loose skin, and the method is:[2]ingredients:4-3 tablespoons of chamomile tea, or 3-4 bags of chamomile tea.One cup (240 milliliters) of to prepare:Boil water, add chamomile and let it cool.Put water on the skin to dry and increase the effectiveness, you can sit in the sun until it dries, then wash it with cold water.Sugar and lemon juiceSugar has been used since ancient times to remove excess hair, while lemon helps to lighten the complexion. The method is:[3]ingredients:Find a large spoonful of sugar.Two teaspoons of fresh lemon juice.9-8 teaspoons of water or whatever you need to make the to prepare:Mix the ingredients together, then heat it a little and let it cool.Put the mixture on the area to be

3 Tips for skin and body care

removed from the hair towards the hair growth for 20 minutes or until it dries.Wash the skin with cold water and rub it with circular motions while washing.Repeat three times a week.Note: You should avoid keeping the mixture for more than 30 minutes for dry skin, as the acid in the lemon juice dries the skin.Oats and bananasOats help to remove excess hair, reduce skin redness and stinging; Because it sang with antioxidants, as it is used as a skin scrub, which makes it soft and moist; It also contains moisturizing properties, which are suitable for all skin types. The method is:[3]ingredients:Two tablespoons of oatmeal.Mature Banana to prepare:Mix the two components to make a paste.Put the paste on the areas to be removed.Massage the skin with your fingers in a circular motion for 15 minutes, mirroring the direction of hair growth, then wash it off with cold water.Repeat this process once a week to get a glowing skin.Karkam, rose water and milkTurmeric is used to treat skin diseases and remove excess hair; It contains anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties, and it uses the mixture of turmeric and rose water for oily skin while the mixture of turmeric and milk for dry s

kin. The method is:[3]ingredients:2-1 tablespoons of Kirkam.A little rose water or to prepare:Soak turmeric powder in rose water, milk or plain water if none is available.Mix the ingredients together to make a soft paste.Put the paste on the areas to be removed for 15 to 20 minutes or until it dries completely, then wash it off with warm water.Repeat this process daily to achieve the required suspensions.Light flour, ground oats or rice flour can be added to the mixture to remove thick hair.Note: it is recommended to use a little turkey; Because it makes the color of the skin yellow and does not use soap after strokes; Because it overflows the skin.Lentils and potatoesPotatoes help to lighten the complexion; It contains catecholase, eliminates the mixture of potatoes with excess hair lentils and makes the skin brighter. The method is:[3]ingredients:Yellow lentils soaked in water overnight.Potato.1 tablespoon of fresh lemon juice.One teaspoon of to prepare:Peel the potatoes, mash, then extract the juice from the mashed potatoes.Strain the lentils from the water and grind it to a soft paste.Add the potato juice, honey and lemon to the lentils.Put the mixture on the

areas you want to remove the hair for 20 to 30 minutes or until it dries completely.Rub the dry mask out with your fingers.Use an alcohol-free moisturizer when you feel dry skin.Repeat this process once or twice a week.Note: the potato sensation test should be performed.EggsEgg whites are removed from the hair, as they are mixed with sugar and starch, making it easier to remove hair. The method is:[3]ingredients:One egg.One teaspoon of cornstarch.1 tablespoon of to prepare:Place the egg whites of the egg yolk, then add the starch and sugar to the egg whites.Whisk all ingredients together to make a soft dough.Put the paste on the areas to be removed from the hair for 20-25 minutes until it dries, then peel off the layer.Repeat this process two or three times a week for best results.Note: it is advised not to use this treatment for people with sensitive skin exposed to the appearance of young man’s love; Eggs contain Salmonella bacteria that cause inflammation of the skin and close their pores.Tips for skin and body careThere are several tips that can be followed to take care of the body, including:[4]Drinking water: Water is one of the essential elements that maintains th

e moisture of the body, and it is drunk 8 cups a day that gives the skin a notable glow.Exfoliation: Exfoliation removes dead skin cells and to get a home treatment, mix sugar, olive oil, almond oil or coconut oil, put the mixture on the skin, rub in circular motions on the body, and then wash well.Bathing: For healthy antioxidant skin, 3 bags of tea can be added to the bath water.Shaving hair: shaving hair after 3 minutes, shower; Because it will facilitate the process of hair removal, and it is better to use shaving foam instead of soap; Because soap dries the skin when used when removing hair.Body moisturizer: It is recommended to use body moisturizers such as: shea butter for incredible hydration and a wonderful smell.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

How to blond my body hair

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