How to care for acne

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How to care for acne – ” Contents1 Taking care of young people2 aspirin mask to treat acne3 tips for acne tips4 referencesTaking care of acneNext, we mention the most important steps to take care of pills and ways to get rid of them:[1]Skin cleaning: it is recommended to wash the skin from (1-2) once a day with a chemical-free lotion; To reduce the irritation and sensitivity of the skin.Skin peeling: it is recommended to exfoliate the skin in a pleasant way, using peeling masks, some of which contain salicylic acid (English: salicylic acid), which is useful in light peeling of the skin by removing the top layer of skin, which leads to the opening of the pores, and can also be chosen products that contain glycolic acid, or alpha hydroxy acid (English: alpha hydroxy acid)Drink water: it is recommended to drink plenty of water per day at a level of up to 8 to 10 cups; To maintain body moisture, which offers the skin the necessary moisture, and solving a shortage of water, the body produces oils to compensate for a lack of moisture, which leads to the appearance of acne. [2]Aspirin mask to treat acneAspirin mask can help reduce infections, which reduces acne and how to use it as follows: [3]DIRECTIONS FOR US

2 aspirin mask to treat acne

E:Mix 3 proportions of water, with a percentage of aspirin, and leave the mixture until it reacts.The mixture is placed on the acne with the help of an ear cleaning cotton.Right the mixture on the skin for 30 minutes until it becomes hard and peel.Wipe the face with a cloth or obandil.Tips for acne pills tipsNext, we mention the most important tips for acne tips: [2]It is advisable to follow a diet full of zinc, niacin (English: niacin), vitamin A and vitamin E.It is recommended to reduce salt intake, stimulating the appearance of pills and weight gain.Be sure to clean makeup tools, such as sponge brushes to get rid of bacteria, oils and dirt trapped.Avoid touching the face; so that bacteria do not move between the hands, stimulating the appearance of acne.Avoid tampering with the skin or squeezing pimples; So that bacteria do not develop and multiply acne, as this can lead to the appearance of permanent spots on the skin.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

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How to care for acne

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