How to care for dry hands

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How to care for dry hands – ” Contents1 dry hands2 natural mixtures for dry handsDry handsMany people suffer from the problem of dry hands, which causes pain in the case of severe dryness that leads to certain injuries and conquests, and there are many factors leading to dry hands; Including: aging, permanent swimming or exposure to direct sunlight for a long time during the day, and in this article we will mention some natural blends to take care of dry hands.Natural blends to take care of dry handsBanana and honeyingredients:Pure banana.1 tablespoon of honey.1 tablespoon of olive to prepare:Puree the bananas in a deep bowl.Add the honey and olive oil.Mix all ingredients together, for complete cohesion.Apply the mixture on the hands, with a good massage for five minutes.Leave it for no more than ten minutes, until it dries completely.Rinse your hands with warm water once a week with this mixture to get a guaranteed result in a few days.Oats and almondsIngredients:Six of almonds.Two tablespoons of oat powder.Two tablespoons of yogurt.One tablespoon of to prepare:Put almonds in a large bowl.Pour in honey, yogurt, honey and oats.Mix all the ingredients well.Put the mixture on your hands, espec

2 Natural mixtures for dry hands

ially on the affected areas.Leave it on for fifteen minutes until it dries completely.Rinse the hands with lukewarm water well.Lemon juice and sugaringredients:1 tablespoon of sugar.A few drops of fresh lemon to prepare:Put together sugar and lemon well.Put the mixture on the hands before going to sleep, with a good massage for at least a minute.Leave it overnight to dry completely.Wash your hands in the morning with warm water and soap, with repeated use of this treatment once a day for a month regularly, for an effective result.Tomato and lemonIngredients:1 tablespoon of tomato juice.1 tablespoon of fresh lemon to prepare:Put the tomato juice in a bowl.Add the lemon juice and mix well.Apply the mixture to the hands, especially the affected areas.Good massage for five minutes with your fingers.Wash hands with warm water immediately after finishing.Honey Wax and Chia Butteringredients:Three tablespoons of beeswax.Eight tablespoons of shea butter.Eight tablespoons of almond oil.A few drops of lavender to prepare:Put the beeswax and shea butter in a deep saucepan over low heat until it melts well.Add the rose oil and lavender oil, stirring constantly for o

ne minute.Set the mixture aside for fifteen minutes until it cools completely.Apply the mixture to your hands.Leave it on for ten minutes.Rinse the hands with warm water well.Was the article useful?

How to care for dry hands

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