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How to care for skin and hair – ” Contents1 skin and hair care2 ways to take care of hair3 methods of skin care4 natural blends for skin and hair5 referencesSkin and hair careKeeping hair is relatively easy if you know how to take care of it; hair is made up of proteins, so maintaining a healthy diet and keeping it clean is one of the basics of hair care. As for getting a beautiful skin, it requires a routine to gently wash the face and gently dry it, moisturize it, use the appropriate toner for each skin type and treat its various problems. This article will simplify the methods of skin and hair care. [1] [2]Ways to care for your hairThe most important methods of hair care: [1]Wash the hair once or twice a week: and use a good quality shampoo; Indeed, many washing loses the natural oils that nourish and moisturize it.Use sulfate or paraben shampoo; Sulfur is chemicals that add more lather to the shampoo, causing irritation and eye problems after using them for a long time, and these substances are very harmful to the hair.Beware of using hair care products that contain a lot of protein; Although protein is the main ingredient of hair; However, using products from that of hair can be dried and weakened, so it sho

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uld be used in balance.Skin care methodsWhile the most important modes of skin care: [3]Moisturizing the skin: especially for those who suffer from dry skin, using a nice moisturizer to keep the skin, soften and fresh.Drink plenty of water: the body needs plenty of water during the day; to get rid of toxins, facial oils. It is often recommended to drink eight cups of water a day.Avoid touching the face: many people alter acne or their face in general, which leads to the transfer of oils and bacteria from the hands to the face and increase the worst condition, blocking the pores and increase skin problems.Change the pillow cover: this is because it can accumulate oils and impurities over time, and they move to the skin and cause them problems.Lips take care: the lips are part of the skin, so they must be taken care of by always moisturizing them with natural moisturizers, using sugar scrub to remove dead cells and regenerating the lip cells.Skin protection from the sun: using sunscreen every day; As ultraviolet rays harm the skin over time, as well as it is recommended to use sunscreen, protective clothing and a good makeup with sunscreen.Natural Skin and Hair Care BlendsNatural hai

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r care blendsMilk and honey:Milk and honey mixture is a nutritious hair mixture, as it softens the hair and makes it straight and silky; Milk is useful to soften the hair. As for the honey, it moisturizes it, and this mask is suitable for dry and dull hair. And its method is:[4]ingredients:One teaspoon of honey.One cup of milk.Method:Mix the ingredients in an appropriate bowl.Massage the hair in the mixture from roots to ends.Leave the mixture on the hair for 15 minutes, then rinse again with warm water and shampoo.Honey and bananas:This mask is recommended for those who mean light hair; Indeed, the mosine contains a lot of potassium, which strengthens the hair and repairs the damaged. And its method is: [4]ingredients:Mature banana.1 tablespoon of honey.Bath cap.Method:Peel banana, then mix blender with honey.The mixture is placed on all the hair.Cover the hair with a shower cap and leave for 15 to 20 minutes.Hair rinses well with shampoo twice.Natural Skin Care BlendsGreen tea and apple cider vinegar blend for oily skin:Green tea has anti-inflammatory properties; It reduces acne and apple cider vinegar reduces oil on the skin and reduces the acidity level of the skin. Drops of ac

4 natural mixtures for skin and hair

ne-fighting tea tree oil can be added. And his method is:[2]ingredients:¾ Cup of steeping green tea.A quarter cup of raw apple cider vinegar.A few drops of tea tree oil (optional).A few drops of lavender oil (optional).Method:Mix green tea with vinegar, then add tea tree oil or lavender or both.The mixture is placed on the skin using a cotton ball, or it can be placed in a spray pack and sprayed on the face.Repeat the method twice a day for effective results.Store the mixture in the refrigerator for up to 10 days.Cucumber, aloe vera, mint oil and rose oil blend for ordinary skin:Ordinary skin needs components that protect it from dryness or oil, and moisturizes it. Contains antibacterial properties that prevent acne and pimples and precipitate the regeneration of skin cells, delaying the aging of the skin. The primary rose oil contains excellent properties that regenerate the skin, as it contains astringent properties to treat acne and anti-inflammatory properties that treat skin redness and infections. As for mint oil, it helps control oil, prevents acne, renews the skin and regenerates it. And the method:[2]ingredients:Medium option.Aloe Vera leaf gel.5 drops of pink oil or peppe

rmint oil.Method:Option juice is extracted from the option.Aloe vera gel is added to the cucumber juice.Add 5 drops of rose oil or peppermint oil and until well.The mixture is placed in a spray.Sprinkle on the skin.Leave for 5 to 10 minutes. Then rinse the face with natural water.Store the mixture in the refrigerator for 5 to 7 days.the reviewerWas the article useful?

How to care for skin and hair

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