How to care for skin at the age of thirty

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How to care for skin at the age of thirty – ” Contents1 Skin2 How to take care of the skin at the age of thirty3 tips for self care at the age of thirty4 referencesskinThe skin begins at the age of thirty by exposure to many problems that need to be taken care of and fights, such as fighting wrinkles, varied skin tone, treatment of sun damage, loss of collagen and acne too, and regardless of the routine and diet Followed, it is time to change the special care of the skin routine, to make it more youthful and healthy, without resorting to painful and costly plastic surgery. [1]How to take care of the skin at the age of thirtyThere are routine steps that help skin care at the age of thirty, including:Daily skin cleansing: where the face and neck are washed with a light cleanser every morning, especially before bedtime, to remove makeup, perspiration and dirt caused during the day, by light pressure with fingers. Petroleum products containing lanolin that block pores, products that contain perfumes and alcohol that cause allergies, irritation and dryness of the skin should be avoided. [1]Regularly declawing the skin: peeling is used twice a week; To remove dead skin cells, therefore, it is recommended to use a scrub containing

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(alpha-hydroxy), (glycolic) or (salicylic acid), and it is recommended to use exfoliation products that contain industrial microbides; Indeed, these are the gentlemen on the skin of the exfoliation that come in the form of irregular granules, and to avoid any side effects of sensitive skin, an allergy test should be performed on a small area of the skin. [ 1]Sun protection: sunscreen reduces the risk of skin cancer, protecting the skin after peeling and reducing the development of pigmentation and sun spots, where it is placed several times a day, regardless of the season and weather. [1]Constant skin moisture: heavy materials such as makeup and powder that block the pores and highlight the lines high through the use of a light moisturizer, when looking for a suitable moisturizer, it is advisable to look at its components, because it should contain substances such as AS: retinol that prevents wrinkles and antioxidants such as vitamin C, selenium, pomegranate, green or white tea. [1]Daily care in the eyes: the application of eye cream depends according to the case, for example to reduce its swelling, use caffeine or moisturize them with hyaluronic acid, while to treat dark circles o

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n you using vitamin C or (hydroquinone), as some plants Like soy, licorice and mixed with acid kojic are used and mixed with acid kojic to increase the glow of an area under the eye by applying the cream and stirring circularly under the eye.Choose the main beneficial ingredients for the skin: in the event that skin care is preferred through natural cosmetics or market preparations, you should look for the basic ingredients that contribute to the achievement of a bright and shiny skin, free of defects, so anti-oxidants, Vitamin C, glycolic acids and acid are avoided premature aging hyaluronic and severe dehydration, to achieve a glowing and healthy skin. [2]Healthy Eatication: adding lots of vegetables and fruits in the daily diet, as it helps the body to get rid of toxins and detect a healthy skin. [2]Eating nutritional supplements: these supplements should contain vitamin C and vitamin E, in order to maintain the elasticity and strength of the skin, and these vitamins help increase collagen in the skin, which also maintains the elasticity of the skin. [2]Go to a healthy face to beautify the face: feel the change of skin tissue and get a smaller and bright skin. It is recommended

to go to these stations once a month. [2]Exercise regularly: or walking 30 minutes a day, because exercise is not limited to the skin only, because it is based on nourishing blood cells in the body, expelling toxins from the skin, reducing stress and preventing the appearance of acne, which leads to the skin naturally and healthy. [2]Maintain the moisture of the skin from within: by drinking large amounts of water at least 8 to 10 cups per day, they are their body health and make the skin beautiful, as it helps expel toxins from the body. [2]Maintain the health of the body: by reducing smoking or quitting it; It pumps toxins into the body and makes the skin discolored and unhealthy. [2]Use cream before bed: night creams help moisturize the skin and reduce exfoliated skin while sleeping. [2]Use a body wash: the face only has the right to take care of it, but also in all parts of the body, applying the wash throughout the body twice a day and focusing on dry areas such as: knees, elbows and heels . [2]Self-care tips at the age of thirtyThere are tips that help to make yourself to make a younger person, including: [3]Choosing the right clothes, where clothes that highlight the beautif

ul parts of the body should be worn by getting rid of inappropriate clothes and looking for clothes that feel comfortable when wearing them and suitable for their clothes.Hair care, when aging becomes dry and brittle hair and can be damaged quickly, so the hair must be cut to get a younger look and keep the hairstyle simple and color appropriate for it.Teeth whitening to keep it young and clean, using the whitening strips every week or once a month to get rid of the lime, or use the ovarian toothpaste twice a day to get a beautiful smile and shiny teeth.The beautiful smile and a positive look, because the permanent smile helps people appear younger, a feeling of positive and get rid of all negative ideas that make them older.Reduce the level of tension, as you need to learn to deal with stress and stress more effectively, and enjoy life more, so that the person does not get older faster and does not negatively affect his health.Maintaining regular doctor’s dates. As you age, visiting the doctor becomes an important part of health care and preventive care; it helps to maintain a healthy and youthful appearance.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

How to care for skin at the age of thirty

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