How to change the color of your skin

1 Skin lightening

How to change the color of your skin – “Contents1 skin lightening2 skin tanning3 referencesSkin whiteningHome masks to lighten the skinSkin color can be changed to a lighter color with home ingredients, including: [1]Yogurt: Yogurt contains lactic acid, which is acid that has properties to whiten the skin, and to benefit from it, yogurt can be rubbed on the skin, leave it for a few minutes and repeat the process daily for several weeks and a tablespoon of the milk can be mixed with half a tablespoon of honey and apply the mixture on the face for a period of range from ten to fifteen minutes, and the recipe is repeated daily.Oranges: Oranges contain vitamin C, which is the barbaric element lightening the skin, and for the use of oranges, two tablespoons of orange juice are mixed with a workshop of cumin, applying the mixture to the face and leaving it for a period ranging between Twenty to thirty minutes and repeat the recipe daily.Aloe vera gel: aloe vera gel or aloe vera reduces pigmentation, restores the natural color of the skin, as it helps renew cells and restore damaged tissues, extracting the gel from the aloe vera pieces, applying it to the skin for thirty minutes, and repeat the process at least twice a day, an

2 Skin tanning

d for the period two weeks.scrubThe skin can be exfoliated using the mixture and aloe vera rice, because aloe vera contains antioxidants and compounds that protect the skin, and the rice removes all the skin cells and accumulated impurities, which is a suitable cleansing for all skin types, and can be done through: [2]Extraction of the gel inside the pieces of Aloe Vera.Mix the gel with two tablespoons of ground rice.Rub the skin with the mixture in circular motions for several minutes.Rinse the skin with hot and cold water.Repoting repeated every day, to observe the results in a few days.TanningUV familyThese rays are generated industrially to the skin, and they are of two types: [3]UVA family: It is one of the types of long rays compared to its counterparts, and therefore it has the ability to reach the lower layers of the skin and stimulate the production of melanin from the chromosomal cells.UVB family: These rays are shorter than UVA, that is to say that I affect external skin layers, but excessive exposure to sunburn, as it is the main cause of skin cancers such as scouting cancers.Natural oilsThe sun of the sun with the sun has become a famous fashion, and to increase the ef

fectiveness of this method, natural oils that work to attract and concentrate the ultraviolet rays on the skin are used, which facilitates their penetration, and thus accelerates the Production of melanin that gives the skin a dark color. [4] And of these oils to coconut oil, [5] and olive oil. [6]the reviewerWas the article useful?

How to change the color of your skin

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