How to clean my body from dirt

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How to clean my body from dirt – ” Contents1 Body hygiene2 Remove dirt3 referencesBody hygieneTaking care of body hygiene is the most important thing that must be taken into consideration and attention, because it is related to the validity of the person as well as his psyche, so it must make it a daily and regular routine that takes into account the most precise details and even parts to avoid falling into diseases and exposure to health problems that can be serious due to neglect and accumulation of germs in different areas of the body; And because the woman, especially the adult and married, is exposed to pregnancy and childbirth in addition to the menstrual cycle, it is more likely than the man to expose dirt as well as germs, so what are the steps and methods that must be practiced get rid of dirt and hair care? [1]Remove the dirtTo remove the dirt from the body, follow these steps: [2]You should shower daily or every other day; Because it relieves your body of dead skin cells that accumulate their accumulation and their presence to a blockage in the pores of the skin and thus to the paleness of the skin, in addition to that protects the body from infection by a bacterial infection that is transmitted through

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intimate relationship , you should shower with warm water and mild and soft soap to keep the softness and moisture of your skin.Make sure to take care of the hygiene of the sensitive area with a special lotion or soap, so that it is medical in order not to lead to your infection, and you must take into account that your use of soap or washing is moderate and balanced; Because the excess leads to the elimination of natural secretions in the area, which works to eliminate bacteria and fungi, as well as dehydration and infections, in addition to the need to dry them well after washing them with a clean cotton towel.Take care of your cleanliness during the menstrual cycle, in order to avoid infection by fungi and bacteria, as well as various infections and unpleasant odor, which is done by changing and changing your healthy sofas continuously and continuing to wash the area with water, so that it is advisable to use washing during the cycle.Make sure you clean yourself and specifically the sensitive area after the intimate relationship, avoid your injury and your husband with bacterial and fungal diseases, which is done through the use of warm water, soap or appropriate washing.Instea

d of the fiber you use in your bathroom every period of time, while maintaining the cleaning constantly and preferably specializes in some bird for your sensitive area; Because it is more able to transfer fungi and bacteria.Important tips for getting rid of dirtThis is a set of tips that you should follow to get rid of dirt from the body:[3]Drink more water; Because it keeps the body hydrated and protects the vagina from dehydration.In addition to following a healthy diet in which foods that contain antibacterial and fungi, of which the most important are vegetables and fruits.Be sure to wear cotton and clean underwear, capable of absorbing sweat and moisture; Because the presence of sweat and moisture leads to infections and exposure to fungal and bacterial diseases, and alternately daily, at least once, and you can also use daily healthy towels.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

How to clean my body from dirt

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