How to clean nails

How to clean nails – “The woman is concerned about the beauty of her skin and body in general, and this gives this issue is the highest importance in her daily life so that it always remains sparkling and beautiful, and does not deny the interest in the smallest details that sometimes not Everyone cares, because it is the facial care that takes care of the smoothness and beauty of the hands and the smallest parts of the hand is the nail. The interest in nails has become one of the necessary things that must be taken care of in terms of shine, strength, length and cleanliness, and the most important part we care about in the nails is the cleanliness of the nails, and some Can ask how to clean the nails?How to clean nailsNails are an important area for the accumulation of germs and dirt, and they must be cleaned of this dirt that affects our health first, and the appearance of our personality second. People differ in maintaining the shape and length of their nails; There are those who prefer to lengthen the nails and there are those who are used to cut them, and the nails are cleaned, especially the long one, using the brush, that is, an old toothbrush that is allocated to the nails, and if there is a du

sty dust or effects of cleaning the kitchen and house, the nails are soaked with warm water and soap for five minutes, and we use the brush. To easily remove the dirt, then the nails are scrubbed with nails or acetone until they are clean shiny.Among the mixtures used to clean the nails, there is natural lemon juice, and with the brush, it is soaked in lemon juice and we scrub the nails for a period of fifteen minutes until the dirt comes out and becomes more shiny, and salt can be added To the lemon juice during cleaning, so coarse salt is one of the most important materials for sanding and cleaning the nails, salt and lemon juice strive to strengthen the fingers of the fingers and feet.Among the problems to which the nails are exposed is the problem of yellowing as a result of the frequent use of water and chemical detergents without using gloves, and to clean the nails of yellow stains or yellow color, lemon juice is used first for five minutes , then we clean it with a mixture of lemon juice and baking powder, that is, mix two tablespoons of lemon juice and two tablespoons of baking powder and massage the nails with the help of the brush.One of the regular methods of cleaning t

he nails of the hands is well washed with soap and soaps, then we prepare the tools intended for the care of the nails, and using the cleaning tool it is placed and passed and inside the nail, and the nails are cooled with the help of the coolant, and if there are skin appendages that are cut with the scissors designated for this.We are always advised to wash our hands with water and medical soap to get rid of dirt hands and nails, and therefore it is not preferred to lengthen the nails much because it is sometimes difficult to reach the brush in the nails, long nails are Vulnerable to breakage and harmful to the health of the nails, and for this, it is necessary to use the mixtures that work to strengthen the nails and their wheel.Was the article useful?

How to clean nails

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