How to clean the nails at home

1 How to clean the nails at home

How to clean the nails at home – ” Contents1 How to clean nails at home2 How to clean nails from dead skin3 mixtures to clean and whiten nails4 tips to maintain healthy and strong nails5 referencesHow to clean nails at homeNails can be cleaned for both men and women at home using one of the following methods:Using a nail cleaning brushClean the dirt stuck under the nails with a nail cleaning brush that is sold in drugstores, and it is best to clean in the bathroom under strong lighting, and it is best to clean them before washing hands because the drier nails are easier to clean. [1]Use natural soap to clean nailsUse a soap that contains natural materials and wash your hands with warm water, it is not necessarily to wash the nails alone, and a soap that does not contain parabens should be used because they weaken the nails, and you should stay away from alcohol substances. [1]Use warm water and soap to clean nailsPut a quantity of warm water and soap in a bowl, then put your fingers with it for three minutes, and the temperature of water should be medium between warm and hot, then clean well from dirt and dead skin. [1]Be sure to clip your nails constantlyWash your hands with soap and water and dry them well befor

2 How to clean nails from dead skin

e you start cutting the nails, and start cutting your nails straight, and make sure the nails are not much packed, and keep a part of them to protect the upper part of the finger. [1]Use toothpaste to clean nailsUse toothpaste as an essential ingredient in the method of cleaning the nails and making them white by using an old toothbrush and put an appropriate amount of toothpaste on it while rubbing the nails with a circular motion for a minute. [2]Using a nail coolerThe cooler is one of the nail cleaning tools, use the cooler and start cold in one direction. Many women make mistakes to use it so that they are cold by moving the coolant to the front and back, and in this way makes the nail easy to break and the coolant should not be used if the nails are wet. [1 1]]How to clean nails of dead skinYou must be wondering how to remove the dead skin around the nails, so here is how to clean the toenails from dirt, the fingernails also and remove the dead skin as well:[3]Soak your hands with warm water for 5 minutes, so that the skin is elastic around the nail and is easy to remove without pain.Dry your hands and turn over with a wet towel.Use a wooden peel or tanned manicure stick to re

3 mixtures to clean and whiten nails

move accumulated dirt and the flat side of the same stick to remove dead skin.Cut off excess skin with the designated scissors, being careful in this step to avoid damage.Moisturize your hands after you finish removing the dead skin with moisturizing creams or oils, then wear moisture-resistant gloves for a full night.Mixture to clean and whiten nailsLemon juice and rose water mixture to whiten nailsThere are several ways to whiten nails, as this mixture is used to whiten nails by following these steps: [4]Mix two tablespoons of lemon juice with a similar amount of rose water.Put your fingers in the mixture to soak your nails and leave for fifteen minutes, and watch out for the effect of lemon on your hands if you suffer from an allergy against it.Baking soda mixture for healthy and strong nailsBaking soda is used to whiten the nails and make them clean and white, and baking soda makes the nails healthy and strong, and although the method of cleaning the nails from dirt and keep them is healthy and strong through this mixture: [ 1]Mix two tablespoons of baking soda with two tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide and stir the mixture until you have a paste.Put the mixture on your nails an

4 tips to maintain healthy and strong nails

d leave it until it dries, then wash your hands.You can get a similar result from this mixture by cleaning the nails with vinegar, mixing an equal amount of vinegar and water together, then soak your nails with them for 20 minutes.Mixing olive oil with lemon nails to whitenThis mixture is used to get rid of yellowing nails, as it works to strengthen it, and it is through the following way:[5]Put three tablespoons of olive oil in a bowl and heat it with the help of microwave for 10 seconds.Add a tablespoon of lemon juice, then soak your nails with this mixture for five minutes.Rub your nails and hands with this mixture for fifteen minutes, then wash your hands with warm water and moisturize them, but be wary of using this mixture if your hands are sensitive to lemon.Nail Oil BathThis bathroom works to strengthen and improve the nails, and in this way, you need to soak your nails for ten minutes in olive oil, then put any moisturizer on the nail veneer and push the skin back with the help of your fingers, repeat the method of cleaning and lengthening the nails once or twice a week. [4]Tips for maintaining strong, healthy nailsHere are some important tips for maintaining healthy, stro

ng nails:Avoid using coarse racesAvoid using coarse sins such as this sandpaper; Because it is hard on the nails and causes cracks and leads to break them, and it is necessary to cold in a direction as we mentioned and in a nice and slow way. [6]Use lemon juice or tea oilUse lemon juice or tea tree oil to whiten your nails if they are yellow, because tea tree oil contains cleaning and antibacterial materials, while lemon juice contains citric acid that restores the nails and makes them white, Where the nails become yellow because of the Infection with fungi or because of smoking and the reason can also be the use of nail polish, so use a clean drop for the eye and put lemon juice or tea tree oil, then put one of them on your nails and wash your hands after five minutes. [1]Take nutritional supplementsEat nutritional supplements that contain biotin, as biotin increases nail strength and thickness and prevents nail breakage. [6]Avoid exposing nails to chemicalsReduce the use of cosmetic salons to care for nails, as this exposes the nails to chemicals and hard materials, which causes swelling and redness of the area around the base of the nails. [6]Avoid cutting the skin around the na

ilAvoid cutting the skin around the nail, even if you go to the beauty salon, avoid this step and be satisfied to push the skin back. [6]Reduce the use of nail polish removerReduce the use of acetone nail polish remover, as acetone makes it more fragile. [6]Avoid excessive hand washingDo not wash your hands excessively and use chemicals, despite the importance of taking care of hand hygiene, wash them a lot and harm the nails daily, so we advise you to use a moisturizer and leave the area around the nail skin more than once a day. [6]Avoid installing industrial nailsAvoid installing nails, as a special gel is used to install artificial nails that can cause skin allergy, and also causes damage to the nails that is difficult to treat later. [7]the reviewerWas the article helpful?

How to clean the nails at home

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