How to clean the navel

1 recipes for cleaning the navel

How to clean the navel – ” Contents1 recipes to clean the navel2 take care of taking care3 video causes of navel pain4 referencesRecipes to clean the navelMedical alcoholTo clean the navel, you can put drops of alcohol alcohol and hydrogen opagide in the secret and leave it for a few minutes until the dirt is broken down, to facilitate the process of getting rid of it and using the lumbar ord To clean the ear, the secret must be cleaned of dirt, this step is repeated if necessary, but it is best to use a new stick when repeating, dry the threshold of the materials with a small towel or a clean cloth. [1 ]]Water of oxygen and oil for childrenTo prepare an antiseptic solution, equal amounts of oxygen water can be mixed with baby oil, and the ear cleaning stick is soaked in this solution, and then clean it with a circular motion, and with a gentle and light rubbing, and this method is repeated Until the secret is completely cleaned. [2]Water and saltA solution consisting of water and salt can be prepared, and then put a quantity of it covering the sardness, and then a plastic cup should be placed on the secret to cover it, and wait for several minutes, and in this way it cleans the secret from dirt and bacter

2 Care to care for

ia as well, and it should be noted that this method requires the person to lie on Dhahr. [3]Square careTo take care of the belly button, you need to adhere to the following: [1]It is necessary after drying every bathroom, and it should not be neglected; Because moisture is one of the best environments for the growth and reproduction of bacteria.In case the secret has an unpleasant smell or unpleasant, it is best to use a lotion that is suitable for the skin, and the application of olive oil and coconut oil before the bathroom helps to get rid of exotic bodies in secret as well as dirt.Clean tools should be used when cleaning the secret and you should stay away from using sharp tools; Because it causes great damage to this sensitive area, and in case of damage to this area, it is better to go to the leather doctor to treat it and clean it properly.Video causes of belly button painIt seems a little strange to hurt your secret! Is this pain in the same navel or not? What can cause pain in this area? Watch the video to find out:the reviewerWas the article useful?

3 video causes of navel pain

How to clean the navel

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