How to clean the skin

1 cleaning the skin

How to clean the skin – ” Contents1 cleaning the skin2 steps to clean the skinCleaning the skinThe skin is the outer layer that covers the human body, so it is important to take care of it and provide the necessary care and protection against any type of external attachments, because this is related to health before it is related to beauty, so it is important to choose a sound method to clean the face and rid it of impurities.It is not necessary to spend a lot of money to get a fresh skin and blemishes, but it is possible to benefit from natural remedies that can be made at home, so cleaning the skin does not mean that it is washed with soap and water, but it must be deeply cleaned from time to time, in order to renew and purify the cells.Steps to clean the skinOpen the pores of the skinOpening the pores is one of the basic steps on which the success of the cleansing process depends, as it has an important role in preparing the skin to absorb the products that will be used later, and before you start opening the pores, it is necessary to wash the face with warm water and one of the types of light soap to get rid of impurities and dust accumulated on the surface of the skin, the pores can be opened by stea

2 Steps to clean the skin

m, so that water is boiled in a large pot and added any type of Known herbs such as chamomile, green tea and lavender, then the face is closer to the pot until burning the face.scrubExfoliation has an effective role in breaking up the dead skin cells accumulated in the pores of the skin, as it stimulates the regeneration of cells and prevents their difficulties, in addition to stimulating the blood circulation of the skin, and this step is very important because The rest of the cleaning steps depend on it, so it can not be neglected.Massage of the skinAfter completely cleaning and peeling the skin, it is possible to apply any natural mask appropriate for personal need, so the lightening masks or masks of freshness, which help to eliminate excess sebum, or aimed at removing spots and scars, in addition to the skin Tightening masks and wrinkles, and there are two ways to use the first masks depends on leaving it until it dries completely, and the second washed it off after a period of twenty and thirty minutes, and then wash the face with warm water.Close the pores of the skinAfter taking the previous steps, the pores must be closed to maintain the results of cleaning, this step is r

esponsible for preventing impurities from accumulating and blocking the skin, and this step can be implemented by passing ice cubes on the skin after being Wrap or option in the mask, it is not necessary to do this step.MoisturizerAfter cleaning the entire skin, it must be preserved and healthy, so it is important to moisturize it daily, and this must be done in the right way, so that it is not negatively affected The type of skin should be chosen, which helps to reduce itching and delay the appearance of signs of aging.Was the article useful?

How to clean the skin

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