How to clean the skin with milk

1 lightening the skin color with milk

How to clean the skin with milk – ” Contents1 lightening the color of the skin with milk2 several ways to clean the skin with milk3 Cleanse and exfoliate the skin with soy milk4 referencesLightening skin color with milkThe lactic acid in milk gradually reduces the pigmentation of the skin, as it reduces the color of the spots, and according to what was mentioned in the book (1001 domestic recipes and physiotherapy from the kitchen and garden), the total results of using milk on a daily basis are relative and differ from person to person, and more can be achieved. Benefit after three weeks of using the daily milk should be continued at least twice a week to maintain results. The milk can be used and applied to the skin with the following steps: [1]Cow’s milk, goat’s milk or buttermilk in a bowl and hot for thirty seconds in the microwave, are poured, where it was mentioned in (1001 domestic recipes and physiotherapy of the kitchen and garden) that whitens the skin while the skin during the skin during the skin while the skin during the skin Milk that contains butter gives the softness and moisture of the skin.A cotton towel is placed in the milk bowl and left to fall completely. The towel must be completely saturate

2 Multiple ways to clean the skin with milk

d with milk without dripping.The skin is massaged with a milk saturated towel, leaves to dry, and it will reduce the dry skin, and it is considered the best time to apply milk on the skin after bathing and skin completely clean, then prefers not to use cosmetic products or perfumes on the skin.Several ways to clean the skin with milkMilk baths have been used in ancient times to moisturize and give it freshness to the skin, and the shine can be used to clean the skin of the body and face with the following steps: [2]The bathtub is closed and hot water is poured and added four liters to twelve liters of milk, and the milk is relaxed for a period ranging from fifteen to twenty minutes, and then washed after that and with continuity and repeating the milk bath for a The week a day will become bright and shiny.Mix a few tablespoons of milk with lemon juice and baking soda, and a tablespoon or two tablespoons of honey, with the addition of a capsule of vitamin E, mix the ingredients and apply to the skin of the defects, leave ten to fifteen years A few minutes until it dries and intensifies, then wash with warm water, and then gives the purity and recovery of the skin.Put a cup of milk f

3 Clean the skin and exfoliate it with soy milk

or three tablespoons of oatmeal, mix the ingredients together and apply the mixture to the skin and rub and massage gently, leave on the skin to dry, then wash with warm water and clean the remaining mixture, and this method is Used to exfoliate the skin and get rid of dead skin, because it is the skin milk nourished and oats helps to peel it, and the mixture can be prepared in advance and kept in the refrigerator until use by adding milk powder, or almond milk can be used To clean the skin. Almond milk is prepared by soaking half a cup of almonds in an appropriate amount of milk and leaving them overnight, grinding ingredients in the morning to assemble on a paste, it is applied to the skin and left to Dry, then wash the skin.Milk moistened cotton pillows are used by applying them on the spots and pigmentation on the face, and leave until the morning, and the lactic acid in the milk is opened to dye the skin and is considered the effect of lemon juice completely. With the repetition of the steps, the skin regains its radiance and freshness.Milk or sour cream is used to close and reduce the pores, apply a thin layer of milk or sour cream on the skin and leave for a period ranging f

rom fifteen to twenty minutes, then wash the skin with warm water.Cleanse and exfoliate skin with soy milkSoy milk helps to clean the skin and exfoliate the dead skin by applying it as a mask on the face, mixed a little sugar, soy milk and olive oil, and apply the mask on the face with a gentle massage, and the sugar granules also help to remove the dirt and impurities and contribute to the soy milk to peel off the damaged skin cells, and in case the soy milk is not available a cream that contains a percentage of soy milk can be used, and for a better result, mix a small The amount of sugar and olive oil with a little soy milk cream and apply to the skin and gently massage, leave it from two minutes for three minutes, then wash the face with soy milk with cold water gives the skin glow and freshness, because it is great for exfoliating the skin. [3]the reviewerWas the article useful?

How to clean the skin with milk

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