How to cool nails

1 How to cool nails

How to cool nails – ” Contents1 How to cool the nails2 types of nails and how to choose3 Cold nails4 referencesHow to cool nailsNails need special care, and for a certain method of sanding, the nails are turned by following the steps below: [1]ToolsNail clippers.Nail cooler.Nail polish buffer.NotTaste and cut the nails if they need it, using small nail scissors.Sanding and cooling with the adoption of the appropriate shape, the square shape is preferred with a slight management in the edges, because it is classic and gives the behavior easily and performing daily tasks without breaking the nail contrary to the e shape of the nails.Tips:Turn the nails in one direction to keep them from cracks or refraction, preferably not to be cooled in more than one direction.Use buffer polish gently and kindly, as it helps to increase the rate of nail growth, stimulate blood circulation under the nail and gives it a brilliant shine.Take advantage of the nails that contain two sides to spend a number of cosmetic tasks for the nails, such as palm and cold, and give the appropriate shape to the nails, and polish them.Types of nails and how to chooseThere are several types of sanding panels for the cold of the nail, in

2 types of nails and how to choose

the case of the coarse cooler is preferred to cool the nails in one direction to avoid breaking the nail and keep it in more than one section, but it is preferable to use the crystal Cabinet due to its ability to close the path of the nails in any direction and does not lead to the emergence of divisions and nuts in the nail, a small crystal nail cooler can be tried. [2]The number of cold nailsThe use of the nail cooler is a good way to get rid of any chips or small rough breaks due to the performance of some of the daily tasks required, such as using it accidental damage to the nail is repaired, and cold and straightening of The nails are fixed in general. The nails are turned to maintain a specific level of length that varies from person to person, generally the nails of ordinary people grow with an estimate of 2 to 3 millimeters, so the nails are turned and cut once a week is enough for all people according to what has been reported by the American Academy of Dermatology, and in some exceptional cases for some people whose nails grow faster or slower than usual, they can turn their nails and adjust the length from time to time, And nails sometimes depend on several other factors

3 nails cold

that affect their growth and increase their duration at different stages of life, usually the duration of nails increases in the summer, and during the period of pregnancy for women, as reported by the “American Academy of Dermatology “”, and nail growth decreases with the progress of Amir, according to what WebMD has shown. In these cases, the nails can be answered Sa growth, and in all the moves, the nail cooler or sanding board is used to soften the edges of the nails, not only to reduce the length of the nails, because nail care usually includes several steps separate from each other, such as cleaning, pruning and cold to get soft nails according to what was reported by Mayo Clinic for Care in Nails. [3]the reviewerWas the article helpful?

How to cool nails

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