How to darken the henna color for the hand

1 Method of handing henna hands

How to darken the henna color for the hand – ” Contents1 How to henna hands2 How to draw henna on the hands3 henna4 referencesHenna handon methodThe steps to darken henna hands are summarized as follows: [1]IngredientsOne cup of henna powder.One to one and a half cups of lemon juice.Two tablespoons of coarse white sugar-optional.Thirty milliliters of lavender oil or tea tree to prepareChoose a natural and safe henna powder on the skin, with the need to check the production dates and expiration of validity on the package.Avoid using black henna or henna packages for coloring; because this can cause a skin allergy.Sift a cup of henna into a bowl with a muslin cloth; This is to get rid of impurities, if any.Adding coarse sugar to the henna, as it will help the moisture to the paste longer, as well as it will help to better increase its stickiness to the skin.Add the lemon juice to the ingredients and stir until a soft paste forms.Add lavender oil or tea tree oil base; To give the henna dark color, thanks to its content on the monoterbin alcohol, then move the ingredients well until they are homogeneous.Henna paste cover with plastic lid.Leave the henna brew for a range of (4-6) hours, or as per product instructions.Add m

2 How to draw henna on the hands

ore lemon juice to soften the texture of the paste, if it becomes thick.Put the henna in a candy bag or plastic bag, with the bottom edge of the bag, to draw the desired etching.How to draw henna on the handsBelow is how to draw henna engraving on the hand as follows: [2]Draw the engraving on paper; To ensure the final shape of the engraving.Wash the hands or the area to be drawn with the inscription with soap and water; To clean it from dirt or any oil accumulated on it.Distribute a small amount of eucalyptus oil to the skin; To moisturize it before applying henna.Draw the engraving on the hands according to the desired design.Leave the henna paste on the hands until it dries for two to three hours.Cover the print with paper towels, then wrap a piece of plastic; to keep it moist.Leave the print on the hand for a period of (6-12) hours, depending on the degree of color desired.Declining the inscription of the hands after the required time, taking into account that the longer the time of the engraving, the darker the color.Rub the engraving with a piece of cotton dipped in olive oil, as this will be easy to remove from the skin.Avoid washing the inscription with water for twenty-fou

3 henna

r hours, as it will accelerate the inscription of the skin.hennaHenna has been used for over 6000 years as a hair, skin and nail dye, as it was used as a silk and wool dye, and it was known for its natural properties that help strengthen the hair shaft, disinfect the scalp , moisturize it and return it to the natural balance, not to mention the attractive colors that give it to the hair, in addition to its use between the hands of the hands, and decorate until it becomes rituals and customs in many countries . [3]the reviewerWas the article useful?

How to darken the henna color for the hand

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