How to deal with acne

1 medical methods to deal with acne

How to deal with acne – “Contents1 medical methods to treat acne2 natural ways to manage acne3 referencesMedical methods to manage acneSome therapeutic medications are used to deal with acne, including:[1]Prosecornol products.Benzyl peroxide products.Products containing salicylic acid.Sulfur products.Products containing retinoid.Natural methods to manage acneThere are many natural methods and treatments that are used to deal with acne, including:Fuller earthFuller is cleaned the skin of dirt, absorbs excess oils, as it stimulates blood circulation, and its method is:[2]ingredients:Two tablespoons of Earth folk.5-4 drops of lemon juice.One teaspoon of rose to prepare:Mix all ingredients to form a smooth mixture.The area is moisturized with pimples before applying the mixture.The mixture is placed on the area infected with pimples.Leave the mixture on the pimpled area for 15 minutes.Wash the face with water.Note: It is better not to leave this mask for a longer period of time on the face, so that it does not cause dehydration.NeemNeem is one of the most used natural remedies to treat acne, and neem leaves contain antibacterial and fungal substances, in addition to properties that purify the blood,

2 natural ways to deal with acne

as it cools the skin, limits the appearance of pimples, and its method is: [ 2]ingredients:Sufficient amount of neem leaves.An appropriate amount of rose water.One teaspoon of to prepare:Dry the neem leaves and grind for a soft powder.Take one teaspoon of neem powder and add to the soil.Add rose water to the neem powder and soil and mix the ingredients well to make a soft paste.Put on the area of love with the love of youth.Leave the paste on the acne for 20 minutes and then wash off.Aloe veraAloe vera gel is one of the active substances of all the acne and also helps to dry the grains and speed up its recovery process; In fact, it contains anthropons and flavonoids, as it helps to relieve the itching and pain resulting from acne, and its method is:[3]how to prepare:Cut the aloe vera into two halves and the gel is extracted.The gel is placed on the area of youthful love.The gel is refused the affected area.Leave the gel until it dries alone on the skin.This method is repeated 2-3 times a day.the reviewerWas the article useful?

How to deal with acne

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