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How to draw nails – ” Contents1 Nails2 How to draw nailsNailsNails or nails, which is the solid keratin substance that peaches the fingers in the hands and feet, it is normal for five nails in each hand to each finger and on each foot in each five, and it is an additional organ in the skin, And it is formed in the exact type of skin cells in the skin the skin layer, And under the nail a layer of student cells, is what is called the nail or English (nail bed) is a layer full of blood vessels, And this is what doctors care to look at the general medical examination, it is with pink in the healthy body and blue in case of decreased oxygen and other patients.How to draw nailsThe method of drawing with a pin (the shape of a spider)You will need a pin and paint in the color you want, and a transparent paint (pad) as a base for the decree, put a drop of paint in the middle, and with the pin, pull the paint from the middle to the middle Form of lines like spider legs. After finishing and waiting for the paint to dry, the nail is applied to the clear nail paint.The method of French drawing with colored edgesFrench design is characterized by white edges, but it can be formed with colored edges, you will need a

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transparent nail cooler (buffer), a nail surface cooler, colored paint in the colors pink, spray, green, blue, purple, Green, adhesive and moisturizer, at first, you have to make yourself. Repeat your nails, then moisturize them by soaking them in warm water, then applying moisturizer and cutting the rails and pushing the skin inward to enlarge the space for the nail, and after the return of the nail slightly as a little that such as the shape of the almond seed, soften the surface of the nail (nail buffer), at first, then paint the nail light pink color, and after drying with the transparent adhesive on the edges of the nail so that it leaves a distance to the edge of the nail where you will put bright colors, then take several bright colors and the edge of the nail, each nail a different color, provided that the The color is not transparent, so the pink color does not appear, finally put the transparent paintHow to decorate with colored crystalYou will need a black color and crystal lobes for the nails, and you can choose different colors, and you can choose red, gold, orange, purple, yellow and silver, of course, and put what suits your taste and what you wear and grease the nai

ls black color and let them dry, and then glue the lobes in the shape you see fit, but only put one color.Method of decorating the spotsYou will need paint with two conflicting colors that suit your taste and a cup of water, grease the nails white, for example, or beige, then put a drop of red color in the water and stir the water until the paint Fluctuates, forming continuous spaced spots, enter the nail with water stick to the paint with your finger, remove the stimulants.How to draw ready shapesYou need paint, scissors, piece of paper, paint the nail with neutral color, bring a sheet and cut it into small shapes like hearts, put the paper on the paint, grease the paper so that the gaps are filled with paint and draw above the basic heart of different sizes.Was the item useful?

How to draw nails

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