How to draw on nails

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How to draw on nails – ” Contents1 Nail design2 Prepare the nails before drawing3 methods of nail drawing4 methods of protecting and strengthening nails5 referencesNail designNail polish is complementary to the appearance of women with clothes, especially when the nails are colored and drawn with exquisite graphics, which increases their beauty and works to draw attention to them significantly. But if you are bored with the routine style of painting your nails, you can try something new and nice at the same time; You can draw the designs you like, which can express your mood or psychological state, and you can try these designs in your home with some simple steps. Follow with us this article to know these steps. [1]Prepare your nails before drawingYou need to prepare your nails before you start drawing on them, and although the steps you need to follow to prepare your nails pull:[2]Remove old nail polish: start with clean nails and make sure to remove any residue that may be present from any old coatings.Reduce your nails: correct your nails and shape them to become a tidy and beautiful look. But as long as you want to shoot there, don’t over pursue it; So, to not become very short, it’s better to have a

2 Prepare nails before drawing

good space to put the artistic designs for your nails on it.Apply the base nail polish: the essential paint layer protects your nails from damage that stains the nail polish and other materials placed on the nail.Methods of nail designSplomers or jewelryYou can decorate your nails by applying small jewelry or stickers. The steps of this method come:[2]First start by applying the nail polish you prefer and let it dry.Place a little majestic or gel at the place where you want to put jewelry.Hold the jewelry or sticker with the pads, put it on the area where you put the glue on your nail and let the glue dry.Put a coat of clear paint on your nails; To protect jewelry and stickers from falling off.Using the body glyterYou can put the glitter on your nails through one of the following methods: [2]Method:Mix the glyter with the nail gel, then put the mixture on your nails.Wait for it to dry, put a layer of top nail polish.Otherwise:Plate your nails with nails first, then dip them with gries.Wait for it to dry, then put on a coat of top nail polish.The art of drawing dotsYou can draw some dots on your nails, to give them a beautiful shape. This method is required for two colors of nail p

3 Nail drawing methods

olish, one of which represents the primary paint color of the design, and the other takes the color of the dots above the design, and you can also use more than one color to draw these dots, and while what follows, we will explain the steps of this method: [2]Put the base paint on your nails and let it dry.Drape a brush, toothpick or pin with the nails you have chosen to the dots, then put it gently on your nails and continue with this movement until you get the number of dots you want.Leave the dots until it dries, then put a layer of top nail polish.Flower DesignYou can arrange these dots in a certain way using the previous dot design, so that you have a beautiful shape like flowers, and this time you have to choose three colors, the first to represent the base paint of the design, the second to color the center of flowers and the third for the flower petals. And while we will explain how to draw these flowers: [2]Put the base paint on your nails and let it dry.Use a fine brush or a toothpick to draw five dots in the form of a circle on your nails, which form the flower petals.When the petals dry, use the same color as the paint to draw a small circle in the center of the flower,

4 methods of protecting and strengthening nails

and you can add more detail by placing a small dot in the center of the flower using a white coating, and you can add a few leaves using green paint and make sure not to put a large number of flowers on each nail and provide a good distance between each flower.When you finish the design of the flowers, wait for it to dry, and then put a layer of top nail polish.The art of coloring on nailsIn this way, you will use your nails as a white cloth, then put some of your favorite colors on it, to show you a beautiful design on your nails, and in this way, you need four colors of nail polish. As follows, we will explain you how to make this design: [1]Put two layers of white nail polish; Include a good design base and let it dry.Use the brush to put your nail one of the other colors you prefer.Take this color on your nail and use your thumb to make this movement.Repeat this process for each color you want, until you get the look you like.In the end, put on a top coat of nail polish.Ways to protect and strengthen nailsSome people may encounter problems when they are nail care and length increase, and these tips can be followed to keep your nails strong and healthy: [3]Get your nails in one

direction, not two directions back and forth.Don’t use your nails as tools and don’t use them for some of the tasks that have custom tools other than your nails.Put your nails in warm water to keep them healthy.Explore your nails in an oval or circular, not a square.Let your nails breathe and sometimes try to leave them without placing paint.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

How to draw on nails

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