How to eliminate acne and its effects

1 Get rid of acne and its effects

How to eliminate acne and its effects – ” Contents1 Getting rid of acne and its effects2 other ways to get rid of acne and its effects3 acne problems4 referencesGet rid of acne and its effectsAlthough the problem is a visible leather, but getting rid of it starts from the inside, and then from the outside, and in this article we will present some habits and tips that help get rid of acne and its effects, including the following: [1 ]]Reducing fat in the diet, such as nuts and pans, increasing the percentage of fat in meals increases them in the blood, and thus increases the percentage of sebaceous glands in the skin that the natural limit is a problem of pimples and important vitamins and important vitamins in the skin, especially vitamini (c) and (e), must be consumed.Sufficient amounts of water should be drunk daily to cleanse the body of toxins and purify the blood, which reflects positively on the health of the skin.When the pills appear, they should not be touched or played; Because this leads to its vitrification and the exit of fat, which causes the pollution of the spy, increasing its irritation and inflammation, leaving an effect on the skin, as well as the spread of pills nearby.A special lotion should be used

2 other ways to get rid of acne and its effects

for the skin type, which is deeper, during the day, the secretions of oily skin accumulate, as well as dirt and dust, and so the pores are closed, and it is not able to eliminate the secretions of The sebaceous glands responsible for moisturizing the skin, and it swells in the form of a pimple.Other ways to get rid of acne and its effectsThere are many other ways to get rid of acne, including the following: [2]Using sunscreen when you leave the house; Because sunlight increases the bad condition of the grains and increases the pigmentation of the skin.Using a topical cream to spy to speed up its drying, in which case there are several options, use a cream described by a dermatologist, either using natural ingredients from home such as apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, tomato juice or Cinnamon and honey mixture.Do a skin peel twice a week to remove accumulated cells, using a lotion that contains granules or using sugar with lemon juice, ground almonds with rose water or coffee.Make lightening masks to eliminate the effects of pigmentation and grain, and there are many natural ingredients that serve, such as aloe vera, which is the gel found in the green stems of aloe vera plants, or

3 acne problem

using starch mask and rose water, turmeric or pastry a soda.In some difficult cases, in which the grains seem large and inflamed, the dermatologist should be examined, so as not to leave the skin scars difficult to remove.Acne problemAcne is one of the skin problems that many people suffer from, often related to adolescence because of the different hormones, and the increase in the secretion of fat, especially for people with oily skin, but it can last later in life, and it is caused by tension and stress, or during the menstrual period in women, or due to the use of types of drugs such as some types of birth control pills. [3]the reviewerWas the article helpful?

How to eliminate acne and its effects

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