How to eliminate caries

How to eliminate caries – “From the blessing of the Creator, the Almighty and the most grace of the teeth, the teeth are the mirror of the mouth, it is the first gateway of the passage of food inside the body. The role of the teeth in the mouth is to cut the food and grind it, then the tongue swallows and inserts it on the body, and the process of cutting the food must leave traces and residues of food between the teeth where if the food residue is not Eliminated, it will be a suitable environment for bacteria that lead to the decay where bacteria carry the layer of tooth enamel, then the mites start with tooth sorphs, to avoid and get rid of tooth decay. We perform the following:Initially, we want to brush the teeth daily with brush and putty, and the paste that contains fluoride that eliminates decay and protects the enamel layer, and the teeth are cleaned immediately after eating and before going to bed at a rate of three times a day to Prevent and eliminate decay. If tooth decay occurs, the dentist is visited to get rid of the tooth decay.To get rid of the bacteria that cause tooth decay, molten water is used in which salt is used, where rinsing is twice and preferably before going to bed to kill the ac

tive bacteria at night.It is also advisable to eat raisins, so that the elimination grape eliminates tooth decay and also helps to prevent tooth decay. It is also advisable to eat cardamom and green cardamom, chewed well in the mouth for ten minutes, and it is best to chew it after eating. Cardamom contains an aromatic substance that eliminates bacteria and gives the mouth a pleasant smell, as is the case the same as a refreshing mouth.Cloves are also used by chewing and placing it on the tooth with cavities, as it is placed for ten minutes and this process is repeated until the decay that causes painful pain is eliminated. Boiled cloves are also used and rinsed daily twice a day and clove is effective as ancient times to get rid of decay.Licorice syrup, which comes from a food, whether drunk or rinsed with it, decay is eliminated, because it is antibacterial.Salt and lemon are an era of lemon and two tablespoons of salt are placed and using the toothbrush, the tooth is rubbed with cavities with this mixture, because it helps to stop the decay and get rid of the pain.Eating apples constantly eliminates decay, and olive oil can be used in the teeth to avoid decay, and it is far from

drinking soft drinks and eating candy in abundance. If we eat candy, the teeth are well brushed after eating.Was the article useful?

How to eliminate caries

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