How to exfoliate the skin with natural materials

1 aspirin and lemon juice

How to exfoliate the skin with natural materials – “Contents1 aspirin and lemon juice2 papaya and pineapple3 tomatoes, orange juice and gelatin4 green tea, honey and sugar5 referencesAspirin and lemon juiceAspirin and lemon juice is one of the natural methods of exfoliating the skin, and its method is:[1]Method:Mix a tablespoon of baking soda in a cup of water in a small bowl and mix well.10 aspirin tablets are placed with two tablespoons of lemon juice in another bowl, and the mixture is stirred well until the aspirin is completely dissolved.A thin layer of aspirin mixture is spread on the skin with clean hands, taking into account the distance from the eye.Leave the mixture for 5 to 10 minutes, then dip a piece of baking soda cotton mixture and remove the aspirin mixture from the skin.Papaya and pineapplePapaya and pineapple contain natural enzymes, alpha hydroxy acids, which help get rid of dead skin cells, and the recipe is followed as follows: [2]Method:Mash a cup of pineapple, along with half a cup of papaya in the electric blender, then add a tablespoon of honey and mix the ingredients well.The mixture is distributed on the skin with the tips of the fingers on the face and neck.Leave the skin for 15 to 20 minutes.Wash the sk

2 papaya and pineapple

in with cold and warm water, then sprinkle a spray of cold water.Dry the face with a clean towel, then apply a moisturizer.Tomatoes, orange juice and gelatinTomatoes work to naturally maintain the acidity levels in the skin, and oranges effectively help in exfoliating the skin, in addition to that, this recipe helps to treat pimples in the skin, and the recipe can be prepared as follows: [2]Method:Mix one tablespoon of fresh lemon juice, along with one tablespoon of fresh orange juice and a set of non-volume gelatin, in half a cup of water.Heat the mixture over low heat, stirring occasionally; even the gelatin is completely dissolved.Peel a tomato bean and blend in an electric mixer, then add the gelatin mixture.Let the mixture set aside to cool, then place in the refrigerator for 25-30 min; Hold and become thick.The mixture is stirred, then distributed on the skin and neck evenly with a brush, taking into account the distance from the eye area and the upper lip area.Let the mixture dry completely, then start from the chin.The skin is rinsed with cold water, then dried with the reinforcement with a towel.Green tea, honey and sugarGreen tea contains anti-aging substances, so it redu

3 tomatoes, orange juice and gelatin

ces wrinkles, helps to repair scar tissue, and it is recommended to use green tea that is not packed in bags; This gives more effective results, and its method is:[3]Method:Soak a tablespoon or two of green tea in water and let it cool.Add one tablespoon of sugar and stir, then add more sugar; until a thick mixture is suitable for rubbing the skin.Add a tablespoon of honey and stir the mixture well. Honey moisturizes the skin, and it also contains anti-bacterial substances.The mixture is placed in a bowl that has a cap, placed in a cold and dry place, and it can be saved for several weeks.The mixture is distributed on the wet face, rubbing the skin with emphasis on the dry spots.The mixture is removed with a damp towel, then wash the skin with cold water.the reviewerWas the article useful?

4 green tea, honey and sugar

How to exfoliate the skin with natural materials

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