How to fatten hands in a week

1 Eat a lot of protein

How to fatten hands in a week – ” ContentI eat a lot of protein2 Eat large amounts of calories3 Muscle exercise weapons4 Change the sleep pattern5 hand massage6 referencesEat lots of proteinProtein is considered one of the most important nutrients needed to achieve a healthy weight, because it is one of the main elements that make up the muscles, while the excess is deposited as fat in the body, and this is what Many studies have shown that this confirmed that a high protein diet leads to the transformation of many excess calories in the body into muscle. [1]Therefore, if the goal of eating large amounts of protein is to gain weight, it should be added 1.5 to 2.2 grams of protein for a calm of body weight, while the foods rich in protein are: eggs, meat, fish, dairy products , and others, as it can be protein supplements such as milk serum protein are also useful to get enough protein in the diet, and it should be noted here that this effect can not be observed in a week but rather needs a longer period until it can be observed. [1]Eating large amounts of caloriesThe percentage of calories consumed daily must be increased by a higher percentage than the needs of the body, so that the body can gain more weight, an

2 Eat large quantities of calories

d this can be determined with the help of the calorie calculator, for example if the goal is to gain weight slowly, then you need to Eat 250 to 500 thermal prices in addition to the needs of the body. [1]Weapons muscle exerciseIt can be difficult to acquire fat in a specific area of the body, but increasing the muscles in that area will help tighten and Engraving the arms and increasing their size. [2]One of the most important exercises for the arms is the following: [3]Banchin Exercises.Push-ups.Muscle lengthening exercise with three leaders.Shoulder lifting exercises.Upper pressure exercise.Muscle exercises of the body.Modification of the sleep patternWeight gain in the arms is not only related to diet and exercise; Rather, it is important that some other aspects of lifestyle play a role, such as getting enough sleep (7-8 hours per night) to gain weight health, the body is comfortable to build muscle. [3]Hand massageMassaging both hands helps to increase blood flow.Remove accessories and jewelry from the hands before starting the massage.Moisturize hands by dispensing a moisturizing lotion or any type of essential oil.Massage the hands by rubbing the wrist area and filling the ha

3 arms muscle exercise

nd in circular motions several times for a minute or more.Press the thumb and index finger on the sole of the hand for a few seconds, then move it gently to the fingers with light strokes.Click the fingers at the end of the massage and wipe the hands completely dry.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

4 Sleeping pattern modification

How to fatten hands in a week

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