How to fatten the face without the body

1 Facial fattening

How to fatten the face without the body – ” Contents1 Facial engraftment1.1 Food fertilization1.2 Syrup of fenugreek and honey1.3 Honey and yogurt maskFacial greasingA woman always loves to appear in the most beautiful and best look for her; But it can sometimes be faced with some of the problems that get in the way, and most of these problems are thinner face, which are caused by genetic factors, unhappiness in diet or fatigue due to exertion and lack of Sleep, so what steps can be followed to overcome this problem and thus fattening the face without the rest of the body?Food fatteningMake sure you eat a healthy diet so that it contains the basic nutrients that the body needs, especially the face, the most important of which are proteins and vitamins, the most important of which are vitamin A and C as well as re – Re -, n and antioxidants, which are common in fruits such as bananas, oranges and grapes, in addition to vegetables that are most important including peas, potatoes and cucumber, in addition to eating, orchids, fenugreek and sesame because it contains appropriate amounts of oils that help the skin to remain shiny and soft, and it is also advisable to drink milk with dates and honey, especially in the morning, in

1.1 Food fattening

addition to raisins and yeast.More than eating liquids like fresh natural juices in addition to water; Because this helps your skin to stay moist and clear.Fenugreek and honey syrupAmong the most important of these mixtures is the black honey mixture as follows:ingredients:One tablespoon of black honey or honey.Spoonful of brewer’s yeast.One cup of yogurt.Method:Bring a quantity of ground fenugreek so that the five tablespoons are equivalent to, and three tablespoons of sugar, in addition to a quantity of black honey by one tablespoon and a quantity of boiling water, equivalent to four cups.Mix the ingredients well.Add the fenugreek to the mixture and let it simmer for up to five minutes.Put it in a cup and add sugar and drink it daily hot and specifically before bedtime.Mask with honey and yogurtAccording to cosmetic experts, the woman must know the nature of her face and skin; Until you know how to deal with it and take care of it, it is always advisable to exfoliate the skin in order to get rid of dead skin and get a light skin, and this is done by eating special foods such as apples and honey, in Addition to avoid sleeping without dinner and making natural and healthy masks an

1.2 Fenugreek and honey syrup

d one of the most important masks that work to increase the freshness and fattening of the skin, the yogurt mask as follows:ingredients:The amount of yogurt, equivalent to almost four tablespoons.Honey, one tablespoon.Yeast with beer, equivalent to a single piece and preferably large.Binging powder for one tablespoon.Vitamin A capsule.In addition to a quantity of rose water.Method: In order for these ingredients to be well mixed until they become a firm mixture, put the mixture on your face and rub it with empty, and spread it for twenty minutes, then rinse your face well with warm water and grease it with rose water.Was the article useful?

1.3 Honey and yogurt mask

How to fatten the face without the body

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