How to filter my face from the grains and spots

1 nutritional supplements

How to filter my face from the grains and spots – ” Contents1 nutritional supplements2 zinc supplements3 yeast beer4 fish oil supplements5 laser to remove stains6 natural recipe for spot removal7 referencesFood supplementsDietary supplements play an important role in wound healing, reduce skin inflammation and obtain clear pimples, some of which are mentioned: [1]Zinc supplementsZinc supplements are an important role in the treatment of pimples, where some studies indicate that people who suffer from decreased levels of zinc in the blood, suffer from acne, and there are also studies that recommend taking 30 to 45 mg of zinc initial and a daily The base, effectively reduces pimples, As a study, showed that 48 people suffering from acne, took zinc supplements three times a week, and the result was after 8 weeks, that 38 people have decreased the percentage of pimples from 80 to 100%, As it is available in several forms, so the initial amount of zinc varies. With it, but whatever form you choose, it is best to take the recommended amount, which is 40 mg of zoosop damage as pain in the stomach and irritation of it.Brewer’s yeastBrewer’s yeast, when taken by mouth, helps in the treatment of pimples, especially Saccharomyches Crievisiae

2 zinc supplements

Hansen CB – bacterial ploites; That’s why it has the ability to treat pimples, and as some studies have indicated that they compared to eating brewer’s yeast and the medicine it contains for a period of five months, the pimples were cured by 80% for people who took the beer Yeast, while only 26% of those who took the medicine were cured and proved that brewer’s yeast does not have any side damage, only a little bloating or headache after eating it.Fish oil supplementsFish oils are characterized by the content of omega -3 fatty acids, ecosabentinoic acid (EPA) (docosaexaenoic acid), where studies indicate that the consumption of EPA contributes to the control of the stupidity of sebum and oils secreted by the skin, preventing the appearance of pmpples, provided that The skin with adequate moisture and eating each of EPA and DHA in large quantities, it reduces the incidence of acne, and in one of the other studies it was found that the consumption of these acids for 10 days contributes very effectively to the reduction of pimples, where the Omega -3 fatty acids can be obtained by eating nuts, chia seeds and with chopped peel seeds, fish oil, sardines and salmon, and to bring these a

3 yeast beer

cids more and together, you can take supplements that contain concentrated omega -3 . Eating both zinc, beer or oral fish oil helps prevent the growth of pimples over time, but not quickly.Laser to remove spotsLaser therapy is characterized by rapid results, and pain-free, and the laser used for treatment depends on the color, size of dark spots and its depth, as the number of laser sessions also depends on the same factors and care Must be taken to apply the sun and try to avoid the sun part of the treatment; Because the skin will be very sensitive. [2]Natural recipe to remove spotsLemon juice has been used for many years in facial care products; This is for its high content of vitamin C, which helps to relieve dark spots on the skin, and this recipe can be applied by bringing a lemon, and for its juice, roll it on the table for several seconds with light pressure, after that , the lemon is cut into two halves by pressing the lemon juice through a strainer or a piece of cloth into a cup or bowl, then soak a piece of cotton in the bowl, and it is applied to the dark spots to be treated, and let it dry completely, then rinse with cold water, and it is advisable to repeat this recipe

4 fish oil supplements

twice a day, in the morning and evening; Until the spots melt completely, the sun should be used and that sun exposure is reduced during the treatment period. [3]the reviewerWas the article useful?

How to filter my face from the grains and spots

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