How to fix the fragrance in the body

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How to fix the fragrance in the body – ” Contents1 Perfume2 How to install the perfume in the body3 WARNING4 referencesFragrancePerfume defines it as a product made from natural or artificial materials or a mixture between the two, and France is the largest country in perfume in the world, especially the city of Luxitan, and perfumes are made when the Perfume is mixed with its items between them to produce perfume, and people use perfumes to perfume the atmosphere that surrounds them pleasant smells and some people complain about the lack of stability of the perfume on the body, so we will present in this article that will provide us with some tips that will fix the perfume in the body. [1]How to fix the perfume in the bodyTo install the vertebrae on the body, follow these methods:Put the perfume on the oily areas of your body, where the oil helps to increase the duration of the perfume to the body.Avoid placing the perfume immediately after taking a shower; The reason for this is due to the fact that heat, water and soap combined contribute to get rid of natural oils in the body, and here you should directly use a specialized preparation in the body, then give the skin a little time to To regain its balance and moistur

2 How to install the fragrance in the body

e, then put the perfume immediately after it, where this process will be formed a base for the perfume in order to stick to the longest period.Put layers of perfume, intended to use a favorite soap with a favorite smell, then apply a dedicated cream on the body or aromatic oil with the favorite smell, then use a rose for the body, then put the perfume on the body after wearing clothes.Repeat the perfume on the body if the skin is light; The reason is that light skin does not keep the perfume for a long time, and it is worth noting that oily skin keeps the perfume for a good period; The reason is that body oils are mixed with oil in the perfume and thus make the smell fixed and does not disappear.Change the quality of the perfume used, ensuring that there is a diverse group of perfumes in man, and it is advisable to choose light perfumes that contain fruits during the day and use strong perfumes during the night period.Place the perfume in the folds of the body such as elbows, behind the knees and wrists. The location of the perfume is very important; the reason for this is due to its ability to highlight and preserve the scent for as long as possible.Sprinkle the perfume on the hai

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rbrush before it is put on, or choose a perfume dedicated to the hair with the smell of the body perfume itself.AttentionIt should be noted the need to spray perfume before wearing jewelry; Especially since some perfumes can cause difficult places on clothing, especially if used with gold jewelry in particular. [2]the reviewerWas the article useful?

How to fix the fragrance in the body

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